Do you recommend buying from bluenile or a local dealer? I know they are not expensive or big, so was wondering on a diamond that size whether the clarity or cut or carat weight or colour are the things to prioritise….or in what combination. Or might as well write to me, my advice is free. Went to Kay and found the Leo with the high end C’s to be double the price. Hello sebastian, Please do reply. Diamond Color Explained – How to Get the Biggest Bang for Your Buck! Round cut diamonds are generally more expensive than other fancy cut diamonds. Kindly refer to my suggested proportions to achieve the said. . One free resizing within the first year of purchase, High quality images of about half of their diamonds, 100% credit towards future upgrades (must be at least double in value). A diamond solitaire necklace features a single diamond suspended from, or set on, a chain. 99 Crown Height: 15.0% Hi Sebastian, I have found your site very informative. Hi Sheila, I would always recommend a G color and an Eye Clean VS2 clarity if you want to get the biggest bang for your buck without compromising quality. scored 1-2 was recommended. So white gold would be a better choice. Hey Sebastian, I have a question for you. They’re known to be eye clean. In fact a true, quality piece of diamond cut jewelry is actually cut to mimic the way light plays of diamonds or other cut stones. Which one would be better choice? I aslo recommend other online shops like James Allen because of better functionality including high definition videos. Before I begin, please bear in mind that the diamond cut only refers to the proportions of the round and princess cut gems. They do so by cutting it out. Currently, James Allen is the only diamond vendor that will allow you to view diamonds in 20x magnification through their revolutionary 360° video display technology. The karatage of the jewelry will tell you what percentage of gold it contains: 24 karat is 100 percent, 18 karat is 75 percent, and 14 karat is 58.5 percent gold. However it doesn’t fit in the cut dimensions above… Diamond certificates from other grading companies, especially in-house grading reports, are not as accurate and consistent as the said labs. Flur is none. Depth: 62.3 % Take a look at my post on Oval Cut Diamonds to know more. Thanks man! Up until the late 19th century, the vast majority of diamonds used in jewelry were sourced from mines in India and Brazil. It seems to meet the specs you gave for super ideal. The one on the left has exceptionally good proportions for its cut grade. Thank you for all of this invaluable information. The side stones should always be a bit darker than the center stone, so they can accentuate the brilliance. Depth % – 58 – 62 | 56 – 57.9 They have the largest exclusive loose diamond inventory online and fantastic prices. The GIA, SI1 is eye clean. Since it resembles the super ideal shape, it’s deemed more popular than the standard cushion cut and the cheaper cushion modified brilliant that bears a crushed ice appearance. No other gem can radiate like a diamond does. This means that you should choose a GIA “Excellent” or an AGS “Ideal”. 2166747972. Wondering if Blue Nile is a good company to go and what would your “perfect” C’s would be. I want a diamond that sparkles best. For example, what is the ratio of the diamond’s diameter in comparison to its depth? The price is only different by a couple hundred so i can go either way. The only thing putting me off is the lower half being 75%, I’ve heard it’s ideal to be 80%, is this correct? You may compromise on everything else, especially on color and clarity, but you should never compromise on cut! Any help would be much appreciated. At the store & at church it sparkles like nothing I’ve ever seen. You can’t imagine how did you save my a** yesterday from being cheated. The old mine cut is also occasionally compared to the round brilliant cut — the most common modern diamond shape. I will make sure to get the best possible cut. The upper portion, from the top edge of the girdle to the table. Excellent Cut Could you give me your overall opinion on both and help me make a selection pls!!!! Although bigger diamonds tend to adapt more body color. If you’re okay with a hint of yellow, I or J colors will go perfectly with the yellow solitaire ring. The first diamond is closer to the super ideal proportions of table (54%-57%) and depth (61%-62.5%) and I would initially go for the best cut possible. If a cutter produces a deeply cut gem, more weight will be hidden in the diamond. Hi Sebastian, Thank you for opening my eyes as I’d always just assumed color was most important!! My only concern is the color. The diamond’s overall depth from the surface of the table to the culet. Do you recommend we ignore the cut on this (open up the filters) as it won’t make any difference to the quality of the diamond? The next two diamonds below are both graded “Very Good” by GIA. Antique diamonds are renown for having much whiter face-ups than modern diamonds. It can also make the face-up color look brighter, and at the same time, mask or camouflage inclusions. Twist and twirl with this beautiful strand of diamond-cut 14k gold. The Whiteflash diamond is slightly better as it has a more balanced cut proportions, but if you look at them without magnification, you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference. What you should consider is the cut proportions. It’s not eye clean, but the dark inclusions sort of blend with the diamond’s contrast. The lower portion from the bottom edge of the girdle to the culet. Also, 14 or 18kt rose gold? Until I read this page I wasn’t aware that “cut” didn’t apply to other shapes, in particular oval shape diamonds. Or should I stick with this.. Below are our best estimates of fancy cut diamonds based on the above price indexes. No questions asked returns within 30 days of shipment. Is a high quality cut as important for other diamond shapes, such as emerald and marquise? Why don’t you type in your specs in James Allen’s filter tool to see how much diamonds are priced with your 4Cs? This is because GIA and AGS allow a certain level of variation as long as it's within the specific grade. We are looking at a ring that is 1.26 round F, VS2, GIA 3EX, no florescence, proportions are Table 60%, Depth 60.7%, Crown Angle 35.0%, Pavilion Angle 41.0%, no cutlet. Hi Sebastian, was hoping you can help me….I don’t have much money to spend, so have been looking here for an engagement ring…. So if light performance is ideal, should that be the deciding factor? Gold is durable, sturdy, dependable, and makes an ideal setting for your precious diamond jewelry. Cut is what makes a diamond appear lively like a disco-ball or lifeless like frozen spit. I am thinking of getting a .5 caret, Astor Ideal cut, between F-D color, VVS2-FL clarity, polish very good – excellent, and symmetry very good – excellent. Then, in the 1860s, diamonds were discovered in South Africa, resulting in a massive boom in diamond mining throughout the African continent. Depth – 56.88-63.92 Thanks for all the great info you have provided, this website has been my absolute educator wrt diamond. Diamond cut chains are wonderful gifts for birthdays, holidays and special events. Hi Sebastian Sorry for all the comments. I’m looking at this diamond which has great proportions, it scored a 0.6 on the HCA tool. Education » Old Mine Cut Diamonds: Buying Guide. Thus, the prices sharply increase for bigger carat weight than for a better cut. Yes, the cut grade will go down, but in most cases, it pays more for the cutter to opt for a bigger carat. Hi!! Would you recommend this GIA certified diamond? Ask the James Allen staff as well if you’re getting your ring from them. Diamonds are renowned for their ability to transmit light and sparkle so intensely. Period. The perfect proportions to maximize fire and brilliance are right in the middle with 34.5° for crown and 40.8° for pavilion. But if for instance, you have a preference for fire, you can deliberately choose one that maximizes fire. If you’ve looked into antique diamonds, you’ve probably heard of the old mine cut. Quick comparison of plain and diamond cut francos. For cushion cut diamonds, make sure that the table and depth is 61-67, the girdle is thin to slightly thick, and there’s no culet. Platinum is very durable but it needs constant repolishing and is more expensive. Maybe you can watch your diamond in 360-degree view and compare it to the light performance of an Excellent cut, and then decide if you would still want to stick with the VG cut. Die Struck A process for manufacturing heads in which the item is stamped under extreme pressure, resulting in a work-hardened rigid part. Farah. Also how does cushion modified brilliant differ from standard cushion cut. Still, they’re both great indicators for cut quality. Or in gemological terms: its fire, brilliance, and scintillation. It takes a bigger/larger rough diamond to cut it into a round diamond than it does to cut it into a fancy cut diamond such as a cushion cut diamond. Thanks! Sorry to be a pain but I have one other option…… The old mine cut is sometimes compared to old European cut — another antique diamond cut that’s gained in popularity over the last decade. And if you happen to have your diamond's parameters at your disposal, I would advise to type in these proportions into the free GIA facetware tool. We’ve explained these, and more, below. If you really want a higher color grade, you may opt for a lower clarity grade as anything beyond VS2 will be eye clean., Also jamesallen thinks diamond A and B are identical so wasn’t sure why I wanted to change at all.. very confused. I would have to know of its cut proportions and eye cleanliness to provide a better feedback. The cut of a diamond is one of its most important qualities, allowing its beauty to shine and downplaying any imperfections. Where did I go wrong? Hi Randy, If you compare the 360-degree video of the two diamonds, you’ll see that your original choice is more brilliant and whiter because it has no fluorescence. Thanks for reading! Many Thanks. It’s within super ideal cut proportions, good job! I am looking at a pair of antique diamond stud earrings circa 1900 total carrat weight of .89. Many old mine cut diamonds were cut and sold a long time before diamond engagement rings became a mainstream piece of jewelry. For a modern diamond, an asymmetrical cut can seriously harm its value. Just wondering what your thoughts are on this diamond on a Rose Gold setting (but claws are white gold). However, there are also several major differences between old mine cut diamonds and modern diamonds. HI Sebastian, I’m trying to decide between GIA 2238801731 and 6242029719. However, GIA is generally stricter in terms of color and clarity. According to GIA’s Girldle Assessment, as long as your gem has a thin/medium – slightly thick girdle, it could receive an excellent cut grade. I am looking at a diamond graded by AGS as Ideal Light Performance, Excellent Polish, and Ideal Symmetry, but the Proportion Factors are Good (AGS 4). Thanks for all the information that you have provided. A good cut focuses light back out through the top or crown of the diamond and makes it shine. My concern is I utilized the HCA tool to narrow down some diamonds and chose this one because it scored a .6 and I initially thought that must be a good thing, however now I am ready you should aim for 1-2. Another thing you have to bear in mind is that there can be considerable differences between diamonds with the same cut grade. Both diamond cuts also have a softer, less brilliant appearance than modern brilliant cut diamonds, giving them an elegant, classic appearance that’s subtle and less likely to draw overt attention. 18ct White Gold Band Now, the picture on the left depicts the relationship between various facets and angles that play as decisive factors in determining the diamond’s cut. This is because a well cut diamond has greater brilliance, fire, and scintillation that can easily conceal flaws. Culet – None | Very Small, MARQUISE CUT The proportions on the left usually serves a diamond with an Excellent/Ideal cut grade (AGS is stricter than GIA in cut grading). Is it OK to go with Very Good Cut instead of Excellent? He has taken part in several international law competitions and likes to broaden his horizons. In this particular case, the steep crown angle of 36.0° is counterbalanced by the shallower pavilion angle of 40.6°. Crown Angle: 36.0° You should only do so on color and clarity as they don’t need to be the highest grades to be the best. It’s true that there are unreliable vendors that brand their stones as H&A even if it’s not passable, but websites like James Allen have a separate filter for H&A diamonds, and most legit shops would provide you with ASET, Idealscope, H&A images to justify the name. Your ports are very helpful. Kind regards from Colmar Both diamonds are cut in super ideal proportions and bear the hearts and arrows pattern. Slightly bigger than the .5 I was mentioning, As they are about the same price. Yes, cut will always be the most dominant factor in any diamond shape’s 4Cs, but to achieve the best possible sparkle for fancy cuts, you must also opt for high clarity and color grades since these shapes tend to reveal more body color and flaws. Free prong tightening, repolishing, rhodium plating and cleaning every 6 months, One free resizing within 60 days of purchase, Best-in-class high quality imagery of all diamonds in stock. That’s a great question! There’s also what we call cushion brilliant based from the faceting of round brilliant cuts. Thank you! Although, I would still recommend a G-VS with excelelnt cut because a G colored diamond will look as colorless as a D when set on a ring. Kernserstrasse 17 / Sarnen, Switzerland CH-6060. It has better cut proportions, symmetry, and contrast that allows for greater brilliance, fire, and scintillation. What are the best diamond cut parameters for a princess cut diamond? The crown angle should be between 34.0° and 35.0° and the pavilion angle between 40.6° – 41.0°. If it’s eye clean, it would probably look good, but a diamond with a better cut will sparkle and appear more brilliant. These grades will still be good, but the increase in brilliance when going for the best cut grade is, of course, much noticeable. The most expensive diamond cut is the round brilliant. It’s behind the scintillation of the diamond because of the perfect contrast of black and white. But if you’ll compare the first and second diamonds and don’t notice any difference in fire, brilliance, and scintillation, then you may opt for the second one since G color is also bright and is much cheaper. Another step cut diamond, the Asscher cut, is more likely to show inclusions. And compared to other diamonds with the same specs on James Allen, your diamond bears a better price and symmetry. Hello Sebastian. It’s completely worthless and is a bad value for money. What the examples above are meant to show you is how much of an impact the diamond cut has that it should be your absolute priority in choosing a diamond. I am currently looking at 1 caret with H color VVS2. What do you think? See Anneal. Any idea of what would be a good price? Goodluck! Old mine cut diamonds remained popular until fairly late in the 19th century, after which the old European cut became the most popular diamond shape. Apparently, everybody wants brilliance (white light) and fire (rainbow color light) in a diamond. By the early-to-mid 20th century, as diamond measuring and cutting technology became more precise and advanced, both antique diamond cuts were largely phased out in favor of modern diamond shapes such as the round brilliant cut. This will quickly tell you what cut grade GIA would rate your diamond! Now, a lot of you may have heard of round cut, princess cut, and other diamond shapes that are tailed by the word “cut“. And if you’ll check my cut guide above, your diamond’s specs are within super ideal proportions. What can you tell me about that older cut? They also offer a unique, different look than diamonds in modern cuts, making them an appealing option if you’re looking for an antique-inspired engagement ring. When the parameters are set to: Old mine cut diamonds are generally 10 to 15 percent less expensive than the old European cuts. Now, all these parameters must lie within certain limits to get a specific cut grade. But shape refers to the form of the diamond, while cut refers to how the diamond's proportions reflect light. If you’re satisfied with its sparkle and it’s eye clean, VG is okay. Please enter your email address to receive your personal code: Hey I'm Ringo! Does girdle thickness would have big impact on the quality? Table % – 53 – 63 | 52 The one on the left is poorly cut and the diamond on the right is a complete mess. Girdle: Slightly Thick, Faceted, 4.0% Or these specs are for good quality stone ? Another Jacoje video and another FRANCO video. They’re assigned apart from the cut grade, but they also have a huge impact on your gem's overall beauty! However, it will be difficult to make sure on your own what kind of color grade your diamond has. In 1724, diamonds were discovered close to the modern city of Belo Horizonte in Brazil. Can you give me your opinion on the two diamonds listed below? What would you recommend we look for in an oval diamond to ensure it has that same sparkle and effects an “excellent/ideal” cut would have? The Astor is great but you can also just pick Ideal cuts as long as you make sure the diamond is within super ideal cut proportions. Recommended Proportions | Most Affordable Proportions Amazing website…all the info anyone would ever need to choose a great diamond! Pavilion Angle – 40.6-41 I wrote a cut grade guide for pear shaped diamonds. DISCLAIMER: We don't use your email for marketing. The best way to determine a diamond’s overall beauty is to make sure it is within super ideal cut proportions. During this period, diamonds were cut and measured by hand, with the diamond cutter’s skill and perception playing a key role in each diamond’s proportions, appearance and overall beauty. I think we can all agree that we’re captivated by diamonds simply because of THE sparkle! The second diamond has better proportions by only 0.01-0.02 difference. Up till now I was mainly concentrating on round cut diamonds because they are the most popular. Alexandre. . Diamonds with an Excellent cut have proportions that allow them to exhibit maximum brilliance, fire and scintillation. There are no cut grades by GIA for such shapes. Culet: None, I suggest you keep looking. Old mine cut diamonds have a square shape with soft, slightly rounded corners. Currently, i gotvan offer for a loose diamond h color, vs1, cut and sym excellent, pol is vgood. Depth % – 60% – 65% | 57% – 68% No questions asked returns within 30 days of shipment. In fact, a well cut diamond will reflect more light and appear larger than it actually is. Most people won’t go under 2mm for durability reasons, but if it’s a solitaire ring which is a solid ring, and she has small hands, then it’s probably fine. All three have ideal dimensions, but diamond number 2’s proportions fall within the super ideal cut parameters. Third, the unmatched brilliance and beauty of a round cut diamond … If a diamond is of historical or cultural significance, it may also command a premium compared to other antique and/or modern diamonds. You’d probably deem symmetry as the more evident distinction and assume that it causes the rise and fall of cut quality. For more help, you can also contact us. The most popular cut for diamond engagement rings is also the priciest. An AGS 0 isn’t equivalent to a GIA Excellent. The old mine cut was particularly popular during the Georgian, Victorian and Edwardian eras — in fact, it was arguably the most popular diamond cut of all from the early 18th century until the last few decades of the 19th century. Blue Nile will send you a paid shipping label to return the ring. That is because i just had a quick look on your articles few minutes before payment.. thanks a lot. Before you buy a diamond, get personal buying advice from industry veterans. . I noticed on the tool it said scores between 0-1 are not usually best for rings. I am stressing out a little. The 3rd diamond has the best price and proportions. Could you check this diamond from jamesallen : . Such diamonds will never receive an “Excellent” cut grade. You can trust Blue Nile’s quality and value. © 2021 Your Diamond Teacher. Please have a look at this article to know more about the right symmetry and the perfect cut. Hi Sebastian, This ratio is measured by calculating how long the lower girdle facets are relative to the length of the pavilion. Hi, my name is Sebastian Naturski and I am a passionate diamond enthusiast. Since I’m gonna by online, so can’t compare these 3 diamonds in person. Therefore, you will not find any cut grades for other diamond shapes. Reputable grading labs don’t have a cut grade for oval cut diamonds, but you can still make sure you’re getting a diamond with a decent light performance by staying within our recommended proportions. Hi Judy, please refer to the dimensions below: Oval Cut Diamond The Old European Cut is an antique cushion cut diamond. Check out the comparisons below! I’ve had friend that bought rings that look like glass… It’s also out of the standard round cut proportions. Today, antique cut diamonds are in demand specifically because they’re old and unlike modern cuts, meaning they tend to sell for similar prices to equivalent diamonds in modern cuts. Well, it’s just like a childhood nickname you can’t get rid of! The golden rule is to opt for the best cut possible, so the second option seems to be a better choice, especially if they are price the same. Fancy Cut Diamonds Prices. Thus, none of these diamonds are acceptable. my lady has quite small dainty hands if that helps! When he is not working on his website he is studying law at Humboldt University of Berlin. . They are about same price in my budget. Here’s the Science of Sparkle in a Nutshell: By clicking the images, you can actually view the diamonds from all sides and see how they differ in light reflection. Hearts and Arrows diamonds represent the pinnacle of cut precision. For this reason, many diamond cutters are intent on preserving as much weight during the cutting process. In fact, the cut is the ruler of the Diamond 4Cs – cut, color, clarity, and carat weight. We have … James Allen will send you a paid shipping label to return the ring. After all, this is what we buy diamonds for! If my key decision making driver is the cut factor and how brilliant the diamond is under the light, can you please suggest me which diamond should I choose base on those reports? Hi Sebastien I would still recommend finding an eye clean diamond after making sure it’s within standard cut or ideal cut proportions. Sebastian you have a great detailed post about the diamond cut. You might see the old mine cut referred to online and in some diamond guides as the “miner’s cut.” This diamond cut was used extensively throughout the 18th and 19th centuries in a wide range of diamond rings and other jewelry. Thank you in advance! Although AGS is a bit more stricter. The one on the left is within super ideal cut proportions and exhibits a lot of sparkle. Shop Macy's 14k Gold Diamond-Cut Rope Chain 18 Necklace (2-1/2mm) online at As GIA is stricter in terms of color and clarity I would prefer to go for a GIA graded diamond. Nor does it seem to do much in regular everyday lighting: office, living room, cloudy day, etc. If it is, the light return is automatically ideal, plus your diamond will also exhibit great fire and scintillation. Required fields are marked *. I really think that this is the best decision you can make to go for the best cut and compromise on color and clarity if necessary! Diamond is a solid form of the element carbon with its atoms arranged in a crystal structure called diamond cubic.At room temperature and pressure, another solid form of carbon known as graphite is the chemically stable form of carbon, but diamond almost never converts to it. Pretty much trying to get the best diamond and dont want to overpay. As with other diamond shapes, the value and price of an old mine cut diamond can vary based on its carat weight, color, clarity and the quality and beauty of the diamond’s cut. Blue Nile Reviews: Are They Really Cheaper? His other big passion are languages. Crown Angle – 34-35 Do you think GIA or AGS graded diamonds are better? Hi Sebastian, Because of this, clarity should be your priority when buying an Asscher-cut diamond. Hello Sebastian – Do you believe this diamond is worth its list price? It depends if you prefer an icy-white color or a yellow tint. I think that it has ideal proportions. The other diamond with the shallow pavilion angle of 33.0° is not so well counterbalanced by the medium pavilion angle of 40.8°. I though they were the most durable and my girlfriend prefers that look (I think!). Hi Sebastian, Old mine cut diamonds date back to the early 18th century. The world's first AI diamond selection tool. I purchased it from James Allen and it is a True Hearts Diamond. The second diamond has a thinner girdle which makes it more brilliant. I know that the diamond cut is very important. The 2nd diamond has a better crown angle and since the crown and pavilion angles are the most important dimensions in the diamond cut, I would opt for this one. Good Cuts don’t reflect light as much as the higher grades because their fire, brilliance, and scintillation are not up to par. Basically, even if your diamond has Ideal Light Return, it can still receive low proportions grade if the crown angle is too high or the table is too big, or some other proportion factor like pavilion angle, culet size, weight ratio, etc. As you might guess, these diamonds are cut in a style developed in Europe and popular from 1890 to 1930.

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