Memorize Things 10x Faster. The Italian Space Agency worked with Italian coffee manufacturer, Lavazza, to get the coffee capsules flown up and out into space. According to the Levi Strauss website, this was the day that Levi Strauss and Jacob Davis, the innovators behind the sturdy blue jeans we all love, got a patent on the process of adding metal rivets to men’s denim work pants for the first time in history. This interesting fact doesn’t date that far back. You can use it to play fetch with your dog, swing it as a bat, or use your imagination to turn it into a lightsaber. Scientists think the four-toe back paws might help them run faster. But Chadha had no problem adding her scar to the script. As they get bigger, the fruits turn toward the sun, forming that distinctive curve. The war ended before scientists perfected the material for gas masks, so the company redeveloped it to be smoother and softer, then marketed Kleenex as facial tissue instead. We are no longer supporting IE (Internet Explorer) as we strive to provide site experiences for browsers that support new web standards and security practices. German chemist Erich Huzenlaub invented a process of parboiling rice to keep more nutrients in the rice and lessen the cooking time. Children constantly ask questions, making their parents surf the internet for the answers. However, grown-ups also like to learn new things, though we rarely waste our time answering "how" and "why" questions. Indigenous people of Mexico and Central America used the Nahuatl word āhuacatl to mean both “testicles” and “avocado.” The fruits were originally marketed as “alligator pears” in the United States until the current name stuck. Naturally, they grow outward from their stems, but that means their bottoms actually face the sky. 31 Surprising Facts About Learning (That Challenge The Academic Approach) Have you checked your assumptions about student learning at the door? Check out these 16 little-known interesting facts about the greatest songs of all time. When people learn their native languages, they don’t spend hours memorizing grammar rules and verb conjugations—at least not at first. Mike Powell set the record in 1991 by jumping 8.95 meters, and the horse Extra Dry set the record in 1900 by jumping 6.10 meters. Spiders. But before naming it penicillin, he called it “mold juice.”. Don’t miss these other random facts about your favorite foods. Mice were also used as a warts remedy during Elizabethan England. One translator believes the work is complete as is, but another says we’re missing a few more pages of the story. Or technically, we peel them upside-down. That’s one of the reasons why we put together the below infographic with 11 interesting facts about the Spanish language. Oh, and it isn’t the world’s largest desert—Antarctica is. In 1928, the bacteriologist left a petri dish in his lab while he was on vacation only to return and find that some liquid around the mold had killed the bacteria in the dish. That’s higher than Mount Everest, the tallest mountain in the world. Find out why “Pequod” was almost the name for Starbucks. Excitement, along with motivation, is the driving force behind achieving your dreams, don’t forget that. Learning by teaching others is extremely effective – a new study tested a key reason why, How to Transform Stress into Courage and Connection, Body posture effects on self-evaluation: A self-validation approach, 10 Ways to Find Learning Motivation (Even After You’ve Graduated), 15 Simple Tips to Help You Find Motivation to Read More, How to Start Journaling for Self- Development (6 Simple Ways), 9 Inspiring Growth Mindset Examples to Apply in Your Life, Ultimate Morning Routine to Make You Happy And Productive All Day, The Ultimate Night Routine Guide: Sleep Better and Wake Up Productive, Get What Matters Done by Scheduling Time Blocks, 30 Ways To Practice Self-Love And Be Good To Yourself, 10 Reasons Personal Growth Is Important No Matter Your Age, 8 Ways to Continuously Achieve Personal Growth. Its name was Bill and was a present from the Ethiopian emperor. However, research has found that turtles actually communicate at an extremely low frequency that sounds like “clicks, clucks, and hoots” that can only be heard through a hydrophone (a microphone used underwater). Well, good news! That’s too many fun facts about snow. These days, you can outsource almost any job—but some things you need to know how to do yourself. Eventually, Hennes & Mauritz was shortened to H&M. Spend your Free Time On These 5 Activities and Learn Interesting Things 24 Nov 2014 It’s sometimes just too tempting to spend your free time playing games on your smartphone, or hanging out with your friends. Check out this movie trivia that you won’t believe. This video compares two different ways you can go about memorizing things: verbally and visually. As for the results... come back and let us know how your brand new skill served you! 43-Listen to advice. Here are 15 more of the most bizarre perks of the British royal family. 39-It is easier to learn if you are around people who know different things than you. For more random facts, learn what the original word for avocado means about guacamole’s name. The first aquarium that looks like what you’d imagine now was created in 1921 and opened in 1924 in England. Don’t worry, though, your brain shrinking at night actually helps your cognitive abilities. 22 high-scoring Scrabble words you should try to memorize. Beekeepers nearby noticed that their bees were making “unnatural shades of green and blue” honey, reported BBC. Thanks for this great Hub with valuable information! Chadha made two cameos in the movie. Did you know these 11 food product icons were based on real people? But as we age, we become painfully aware of our shortcomings and might decide we want to take up a new hobby and learn new things. 10 Ways to Step Up Your Personal Growth and Succeed in Life, The Importance of Self Improvement No Matter How Old You Are, 8 Ways to Continuously Achieve Personal Growth, 10 Reasons Personal Growth Is Important No Matter Your Age, The Ultimate Morning Routine to Make You Happy And Productive All Day, Your Night Routine Guide to Sleeping Better & Waking Up Productive, Feeling Overwhelmed? 2. He had the idea to make a metal box using microwaves to heat food, but the company was the one to file the patent. The chemicals reduce the surface tension of plain water so it’s easier to spread and soak into objects, which is why it’s known as “wet water.” Find out which of your favorite science “facts” are actually false. For more interesting facts, find out which “orange” came first: the color or the fruit. Just be sure to read these 50 books before you’re 50. Asking interesting, open-ended questions reflects your genuine interest in … Choose an interesting fact that's at least somewhat relevant to the job you're interviewing for. While some will spin engaging yarns about their exciting travels, there's more to it than that. What are some fun and interesting things to learn about? Based on an ancient papyrus document, Egyptian women urinated on wheat and barley seeds to determine if they were pregnant or not, according to the Office of History in the National Institutes of Health. Yes, there was a real John Chapman who planted thousands of apple trees on U.S. soil. Alexander Fleming was one of those quirky scientists who accidentally made a scientific breakthrough. Cats only have enough of that enzyme when they’re born and during the early years of their life. Germany was the first country in the world to adopt Daylight saving time – DST, also known as summer time. According to a Johns Hopkins research team, 250,000 deaths in the United States are caused by medical error each year. I’ve put together this cheat sheet of 50 interesting conversation topics you can use at any time to rekindle the conversation, even if you feel it start to go downhill. Learn how to make the perfect cappuccino, espresso and latte. Some of his shorts feature famous people like Annie Oakley and Buffalo Bill, but the real stars are The Boxing Cats. People have been playing baseball since the mid 19th century. 1 comment. Unsurprisingly, the attempt to get kids to eat healthier didn’t go over well with the child testers, who were “confused by the taste.” Find out which countries have banned McDonald’s. We won’t spell it out here (though you can read it here), but the full name for the protein nicknamed titin would take three and a half hours to say out loud. This is one of the many interesting facts that had us scratching our head. Most of the volcanoes probably stopped one billion years ago, but new NASA findings suggest there might still have been active lava flow 100 million years ago, when dinosaurs were still roaming. Blake Atkinson (author) from Kentucky on March 07, 2014: Glad I could help! Dictionaries and textbooks can be helpful tools to assist ESL students in the learning process, but they shouldn’t be your only tools for teaching English.. I think the most interesting thing in American History is when we were talking about Upton Sinclair. Roosevelt was famous for his many pets, including a one-legged rooster, a badger, a pony, and a small bear. But the apples on those trees were much more bitter than the ones you’d find in the supermarket today. 1. In any case, we’ve got you covered! And don’t forget to invite your conversation partner to share fun facts about themselves. Germany is known for a lot of things. 1/26/2015 12:42:22 am. Unsurprisingly, the attempt to get kids to … Check out these other 50 fun facts about every state in America. More science facts … In no particular order, here are some mind-bendingly incredible facts that we didn't learn at high school, but wish we did. Primacy and recency: People mostly remember the first and last things that occurred, barely the middle. At warmer temperatures, the gas molecules inside the ball expand making the ball bounce higher. They force the ants to climb trees, then convulse and fall into the cool, moist soil below, where fungi thrive. Did you know that experts estimate that about 95-99 percent of all dreams are forgotten? American painter John G. Rand was the innovator who made paint tubes from tin and screw cap in the 19th century. 12 things we can learn from children 1. – Digital Inspiration is an award winning blog by Amit Agarwal who writes about technology hacks, how to guides, web applications, and consumer electronics. That’s fun, for sure, but spending your time more constructively will provide you with more benefits in the long term. These random facts are mindblowing! Learn how to code In today's world of teenage dot-com millionaires, coding is an extremely valuable skill. By 1878, the National League also declared that home teams must pay umpires $5 per game. Considered a culturally bound syndrome, a person “running amok” in Malaysia commits a sudden, frenzied mass attack, then begins to brood. According to the World Atlas, an empire “is a group of nations or people that are under the rule of a powerful government or an emperor of a territory usually larger than a kingdom.” The British Empire was most powerful in the 1920s when it ruled over 23 percent of the world’s population. Facts About South Korea – 30 Interesting Things to Learn. Though some items like sugar beets were eaten without the human-like behavior, the boars brought a whole dead chicken to the creek to wash before chowing down. This site features a video library of engaging, inspiring talks about “ideas worth spreading”. Step one: Learn how to play guitar: Justin Guitar is a fine and free place to start learning chords and the basic skills you'll need to be able … To the everyday eye under normal conditions, ripe bananas appear yellow due to organic pigments called carotenoids. Here are 13 more interesting facts about dreaming. There are seven vertebrae in the neck of giraffes, and in most mammals, but there are ten in a sloth. Bright Side found the most interesting answers to the questions about everything at once. He flew between St. Petersburg, Florida and Tampa, Florida, where only 21 miles of water separate the cities. In 2018, Apple Inc. became the country’s first trillion-dollar company. If you want to learn to swim, you have to practice swimming. This comes 20 years after first playing Scrabble when Richards was 28 years old. Use the following examples of fun facts about yourself to start a conversation or take one in a different direction. 46 Comments | Last Updated on January 11, 2021 by 90 Day Korean. Tom Felton in "The Borrowers." Pope Benedict XVI was issued an organ donor card in 1970. This occured in 1916 in the midst of WWI and was put in place to conserve energy. The only thing interesting people enjoy as much as learning is sharing their discoveries with others. 1. Here are 22 high-scoring Scrabble words you should try to memorize. Don’t miss 27 other things Rabbis, priests, and ministers won’t tell you. When there was a cotton shortage during World War I, Kimberly-Clark developed a thin, flat cotton substitute that the army tried to use as a filter in gas masks. In France, there’s a biogas plant that manages waste from a Mars chocolate factory, where M&Ms are made. These sounds even come from the egg before the turtle hatches. I have met so many incredible people (most importantly my wife) and travelled and seen some truly majestic places. But whether you're familiar with her work or not, Some of these fun facts will have you counting. When turkeys are scared or excited—like when the males see a female they’re interested in—the pale skin on their head and neck turns bright red, blue, or white. The "Gilmore Girls" fandom is alive and well, even 20 years after the show's premiere. We recommend our users to update the browser. You learn to relax, even when you feel like you’re too nervous to relax. Image credit: Nordroden/ . The clothing retail shop was originally called Hennes—Swedish for “hers”—before acquiring the hunting and fishing equipment brand Mauritz Widforss. Awesome! Or even over your achievements, or the little things that happen every day. Free-tuition universities, high-quality education, and cultural diversity are some of the highlights. History is incredibly interesting. Boston Globe/Getty Images. This aligns with the reason for mummification: to allow the pharaoh’s body to live forever. Whether you need to kill a few minutes or an entire hour, here's the best place to start. Without any further ado, check out the top 10 things you can learn in under 10 minutes to impress someone! 4 of the Most Interesting Facts about Human Memory 1. Enormous amount of knowledge is available just a click away, you’re now your only excuse. Now you can learn anything from coding, designing, art, business management, enhancement of cognitive abilities and more. But there are some things about the beloved CW series that even fans Interesting Things I Learned about Growing Mushrooms. The “octo-” means “eight” to refer to its points, though reports disagree on where “-thorpe” came from. Posted by u/[deleted] 5 days ago. All were made with puffed rice, white chocolate, and a bit of wasabi. New Zealand native Nigel Richards memorized the entire French Scrabble dictionary, which has 386,000 words, in nine weeks to earn his title. These 101 cool random fun facts will blow your mind. They “trailed” the feature film—hence the name. Samantha Cristoforetti is the first female Italian astronaut to get a warm and cozy piece of home sent to her while in orbit. Beyond impressing others, taking the time to learn a few new skills is fun, and incredibly useful for life in general. According to Merriam-Webster, a nut is only a nut if it’s “a hard-shelled dry fruit or seed with a separable rind or shell and interior kernel.” That means walnuts, almonds, cashews, and pistachios aren’t nuts either. share. They can get your fired up about your new ideas. Montpelier, Vermont, doesn’t have any of those Golden Arches. If you ignore advice, choose to do so consciously and understand why you have done so. Wayne C. Temple, a Lincoln expert, told the Southeast Missourian newspaper that in 1863 Congress wanted to fire Ulysses S. Grant because he drank a lot and Lincoln’s response was to send Grant a supply of whiskey. The ocean is a big trap. During Pitt’s prime acting career, he filmed Troy, based on Homer’s Illiad. However, until 1961, there were laws in Ireland that banned bars to be open on March 17. In the 1400s, it meant to “break wind quietly,” according to English Oxford Living Dictionaries. But there are plenty of E’s, I’s, O’s, U’s, and Y’s. They’re legumes. Learning Spanish has changed my life these past four years. Her work has also appeared in Business Insider, Parents magazine, CreakyJoints, and the Baltimore Sun. Bill Bowerman was a track and field coach in the 1950s who didn’t like how running shoes were made. The company trademarked the “sound mark” with the United States Patent and Trademark Office in the ’80s. Just look at how many jobs have … 13. In the novel, Creature says, “My food is not that of man; I do not destroy the lamb and the kid to glut my appetite; acorns and berries afford me sufficient nourishment.”. Whether they’re silly, entertaining or actually useful, we hope you’ll get a kick out of this list and it’ll take your mind off studying for a … Here are 12 easy math tricks you and Beethoven will wish you knew sooner. One ecologist called this a “luxury behavior.” You’d never believe the 12 animals that are probably smarter than you. The following list is a compilation of research that may surprise you. The quick-cook, bug-free rice was a big advantage during World War II, and Converted rice (as it was then known) was airdropped to American and British troops. The three technology innovators signed the documents to form the Apple Computer Company on April 1, 1976. It started as a school project for Bob Heft’s junior-year history class, and it only earned a B- in 1958. Where you’d expect upper incisors, cows, sheep, and goats have a thick layer of tissue called a “dental pad.” They use that with their bottom teeth to pull out grass. To get started use these 50+ splendid websites which can help you learn a lot in any discipline. By learning good questions to ask people and taking the time and interest to keenly listen, you are setting the stage for more intimate, fulfilling, and enjoyable relationships. Home Interesting things students need to learn about class Interesting things students need to learn about class. Talking about an interesting travel experience can show you are open to new things. Frankenstein and Creature are fictional characters created by Mary Shelley in her novel, Frankenstein. According to the Vatican, the Pope’s entire body must be buried intact because his body belongs to the universal Catholic Church. Best 5 Meditation Apps to Destress During the Day, How Many Hours of Sleep Do I Need? “Johnny Appleseed” didn’t expect his fruits to be eaten whole, but rather made into hard apple cider. In today's video, we're sharing with you the list of 10 skills that are hard to learn, but will pay off forever! Most mammals go through REM sleep, the cycle in which dreams occur, so scientists think there’s a good chance they all dream. Let’s see how these life theories would lead you to live a different life. The waffle sole shoe made their appearance in the 1972 U.S. Olympic track and field trials in Eugene. He played the brave, and buff, Greek hero Achilles. Bees can fly higher than 29,525 feet above sea level, according to National Geographic. 165k. These cools skills can be on your list of 'things to learn' just for the fun of it. Don’t miss these other 30 geography facts everyone gets wrong. Once when he needed to multiply 62 by 50, he wrote 62 down a line 50 times and added it all up. James Cameron is the award-winning director of movies like Titanic, Avatar, and The Terminator. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. Next, don’t miss 46 more weird, interesting facts that most people don’t know. Still, giraffes are among 23 of the world’s biggest living animals. How to Teach ESL Organically with Interesting Topics. No need to wait no more – you should start building circuits now. We are no longer supporting IE (Internet Explorer), 12 animal “facts” that are actually false, which “orange” came first: the color or the fruit, 50 fun facts about every state in America, favorite science “facts” are actually false, random facts and trivia you’ll wish you’d always known, 16 little-known interesting facts about the greatest songs of all time, what the original word for avocado means about guacamole’s name, more about the phenomenon and what it means, 13 things movie theater employees won’t tell you, 18 more interesting facts about Washington, DC, characters you didn’t know had full names, “Pequod” was almost the name for Starbucks, farthest you can possibly be from a McDonald’s in the United States, 19 Eiffel Tower facts you never learned before, 13 more Olympic moments that changed history, sushi-inspired but didn’t actually taste like raw fish, take an intimate look at these large and tiny sea creatures, coffee capsules flown up and out into space, 15 more of the most bizarre perks of the British royal family, the 12 animals that are probably smarter than you. By the 1700s, aristocrats started eating tomatoes, but they were convinced the fruits were poison because people would die after eating them. Learn about coffee beans and flavours, brewing and blending. The more answers to questions I get about spiders, the more questions I have. Yes—421! During a waffle breakfast with his wife in 1970, the idea came to him of using the waffle texture on the sole of running shoes. Check out these 21 food myths that are totally untrue. August 1, 2017 3 comments. Here are 16 more random facts about money. In order to get his big break with The Terminator, he sold the script for $1 and a promise that he’d be able to direct. 10 Interesting Things To Learn About Permafrost. This pigment is the element that makes bananas glow, or “fluoresce,” under UV lights and appear blue. Abrams was Einstein’s eye doctor. By the mid 18th century, strollers were still pretty unstable, but they had handles so parents, not animals, could pull the baby behind them. He received the eyeballs from Thomas Harvey, the man who performed the autopsy on Einstein and illegally took the scientist’s brain for himself. This became the world’s first antibiotic. Do you know any interesting facts about South Korea? Then look no further because thanks to a recent Ask Reddit thread, learning a cool new new trick has never been so much fun or so simple. They do have molars in the top back of their mouths though.   Or that negative emotions are more common in dreams than positive ones? Here are more fascinating facts about famous authors. Walt Disney might have been the first to put gloves on his characters, as seen in 1929’s The Opry House starring Mickey Mouse. Once there, the fungus waits until exactly solar noon to force the ant to bite a leaf and kill it. There he learned some math, but never multiplication or division, only addition. Lincoln’s liquor license was discovered in 1930 and displayed in a Springfield liquor store. If you are looking for some more fun free things to learn check out this related article, 10 Fun Things You Can Learn. Once he ascended to the papacy in 2005, the card was invalid, reports the Telegraph. Like most four-legged mammals, they have five toes on the front, but their back paws only have four toes. Money Skills (Side note: One of the simplest ways to build your money skills is to join over 1 million others and start your day with the … The pants were called waist overalls until 1960 when baby boomers began calling them jeans. What I find most interesting about American History is World War l. I think this because it's just fun to learn about it. 1. Seek advice. Things To Learn In Life Starting Today: (Top 11 Inspirations) If you’re looking for some interesting things to learn in life, then you’ll love this article. Find a way to answer this icebreaker by showcasing how it relates to your strengths and abilities. This makes medical error the third-leading cause of deaths in the country. The Olympic world record for the longest human long jump is greater than the world record for longest horse long jump. You learn to be aware of how your body and mind feel. Recent Question Paper is your Engineering, arts, banking, public exam question bank website. To make sure the best tennis balls are used, Wimbledon goes through over 50,000 tennis balls. : A massive collection of … Its adaptability, along with how old sticks are, is among the reasons why the National Toy Hall of Fame inducted the stick into its collection as possibly the oldest toy ever. If you love what’s in the deep blue sea, take an intimate look at these large and tiny sea creatures. Learn the real reason dogs follow you everywhere. airdropped to American and British troops, these 11 food product icons were based on real people, scientists who accidentally made a scientific breakthrough, the 9 secrets you never knew about your clothes, the best wine in the world that only costs $10, the United States Patent and Trademark Office, laws in Ireland that banned bars to be open, the Office of History in the National Institutes of Health, he earned a C in public speaking during his first and second term, 11 genius ways that tennis balls can actually make your life better, 27 other things Rabbis, priests, and ministers won’t tell you, National Toy Hall of Fame inducted the stick into its collection, 46 more weird, interesting facts that most people don’t know, Do Not Sell My Personal Information – CA Residents.

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