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In Ne Me Quitte Pas, Klaus killed many of Marcel's minions, forcing Marcel to ultimately choose to step down from the throne in order to save the rest of his people. Significant kills . Who has the power now, friend?" Unpleased by the Cami stunt, Marcel gives her a dressing down in a manner that can almost be equated to threats. Marcel and Vincent discovered totems used to bind the children to the spell and Vincent was able to stop the spell from harming them. In Tangled Up In Blue, Marcel is getting fitted for a tuxedo for the gala. This made his vampire faction reign supreme over witches, humans, and werewolves during the next few decades until Marcel ultimately became the de facto King of New Orleans. Marcel used his extensive knowledge of the city and his contacts in New Orleans to hide with the charter but was eventually found by Elijah. Davis was born in Dayton, Ohio. Family information Later, Marcel told Josh how he was frustrated by his home being invaded by The Strix but also just as annoyed by Elijah treating him like a child. Elijah explained his suspicions that Tristan was working with an unknown second party, and wanted Marcel to use his newly acquired Strix membership to help learn the truth. Marcel and Klaus are still in Klaus' new study, chatting about the "humans" while Klaus looks at the picture of he and Marcel from back in the day that Cami found. Kol tries to teach Marcel Shakespeare, using compelled people and killing them in front of Marcel's eyes with the intent on turning Marcel and teaching him how to be a vampire. Outnumbered Mikael fled and he confronts Davina mad that she resurrected him. After Stefan and Elena sleep together, she finds a picture of a woman named Katherine Pierce who looks exactly like her. For a change, the original vampire hybrid will be the seeming underdog since the start of the series. He takes his role as leader seriously and enforces the rules he made without fail, though he is not above getting carried away since he supposedly killed a witch in front of many viewers for this reason, though its revealed that said witch used magic and took part in the harvest ritual where she had her own daughter sent to her death. His father is from Kentucky and his mother is from Manila. The Originals is an American television series, which is the spin-off of the hit show, The Vampire Diaries, that began airing on The CW during the 2013–14 American television season. After Tristan de Martel was disposed of, Marcel became the leader of the Strix. The two briefly discussed how an innocent person was once again collateral damage in the chaos that surrounded the Mikaelsons. Elijah relented and Aya seethed over her loss. After being attracted to Rebekah since childhood and finally falling under his feelings, Klaus gave him a choice: to undagger Rebekah and live out their days together until Marcel grows old or be turned into a vampire. Marcel mocks Klaus, asking him if he's jealous. The werewolves then leave telling them its going be their only warning. The Originals Season 4 is set to take place five years after the events that ended last season. She was scared and lost, so Marcel decided to allow Genevieve to take Davina in her care. A Bloody Sacrifice Part 3 [Final] ft Marcel Gerard . After a summer fling, Cami and Marcel remain good friends until Cami's death in No More Heartbreaks. As of the end of Season Two and the beginning of Season Three, Marcel had a tenuous and strained relationship with Klaus and was leading the supernatural community at large once again alongside Davina, the new Regent of the nine covens of New Orleans. Once declaring that Mohinder had his ring, he had to fight him to get the ring back. Klaus comes to him and sadistically gloats to Marcel that he is now effectively at his mercy and threatens to use Papa Tunde's Blade on him as revenge for letting him suffer and imprisoning him for five years. That night, Marcel arrived at the compound and informed Elijah that he was there on the behalf of The Strix, asking him politely to release Tristan and warning him that The Strix would eventually come in force to retrieve their leader. Marcel reminded Josh that while their sireline was severed, The Strix were still sired to Elijah. Marcel enjoys his vampiric life and likes living in the French Quarter, considering it to be a home to keep and fight for. Aya explained why she recruited Davina; to use a spell to sever the sirelines from the Originals, so their lives were no longer dependent on theirs. Klaus says he does, because he mourned him for years after he escaped New Orleans and hugs him. He reminds Klaus that he ran from the town, then he comes back and brags about how the vampires rule and how he controls all the witches. "Thank you, Marcel but I came to visit some friends." Marcel informed Elijah of his discovery that Tristan and Lucien had actually been aligned the entire time. Hayley arrived, having returned to New Orleans with the Mikaelsons and explained her daughter was one of the kids at risk from the one responsible for taking the children. When the blood proved unsuccessful, Marcel wouldn't let Kol near Davina in his feral state, infuriating Kol enough to start blindly strangling Marcel. In Rebirth, with most of the vampires being exiled from the Quarter by the werewolves, Marcel began rebuilding a vampire community from scratch. Marcel tried to do so but instead found that Alistair was persistent in seeing Klaus, wanting to kill him since he suspected all of the Mikaelsons were magically linked to him, so killing him would kill them all. A story in which, years ago, a young musician stole the King of the Quarter's heart. He considers himself the king of the Quarter and ofNew Orleans. ... Rose Marshall is a 17 year old human, she didn't inherit the wolf gene... Battle Ground / Marcel Gerard. Marcel thanks him for the honesty and tells Klaus that his meeting with the humans is in an hour. Klaus opens up to Camille and reveals details of the devastating secret Rebekah and Marcel were trying to keep from him. Kol swore he loved her and explained that he had tried to even have Davina dagger him to protect her but Marcel, determined not to lose Davina, yelled that they were in New Orleans and witches could sometimes be brought back, declaring that they were going to revive Davina. In Bag of Cobras, Marcel remains imprisoned in the same dungeon he chained Klaus in. Marcel bowed his head lightly to you and pulled you to his side, just as you took the last step. Directed by Chris Grismer. Their relationship had ended when Rebekah was exiled from New Orleans, never to return. Marcel is pissed that he lost more of his friends. Because of this, she is loyal towards him. Klaus, impressed with his defiance, and feeling as though the two were kindred spirits, decided to adopt the boy into his family as his ward. Later, Marcel met with Elijah and the two celebrated, having orchestrated the entire affair for Marcel to become leader as they now had disarmed much of The Strix's threat and had an army of ancient vampires as allies. He likes to have fun and enjoys being a vampire. Marcel denied any of his vampires being responsible, reminding him that he wasn't the only vampire in the city. Davis has had guest and recurring appearances in several notable television shows, including That's So Raven, Switched at Birth, and Grey's Anatomy. "Okay,bad or badder"Klaus said. In Dead Angels, Marcel confronted Aya about recruiting Davina, telling her that she was just a kid. Marcel has Rebekah in her old room. The fight seemed to be going poorly, with Mohinder easily beating down Marcel. Klaus then took in Marcel and raised him like a son. He then gets a call from Cami telling him she'll use Finn's feelings as an advantage. he wants her to find out how to kill an Original. King of the French Quarter of New OrleansPrince of the City (by Klaus)Toddler (by Lucien)The BeastMuppet (by Kol) Klaus chooses to protect Marcel by daggering Kol. He continued that he fought for Hope, kept Hayley breathing, and even kept white oak from piercing their hearts. In the second season, Josh and Marcel began rebuilding their decimated vampire community by choosing the best candidates for vampirism and turning them to increase their numbers. However that's put on hold when they learn Mikael has Cami. Last seen Klaus does nothing but Elijah exiles Marcel from the French Quarter threatening him to never return. After collecting Lucien's blood, they brought it to Cami to drink but it proved unable to help aid her worsening condition. Marcel returned home to New Orleans after fighting in World War I. He then questioned Shen on what he knew, compelling the answers out of him. Upon meeting Josh at Rousseau's, Marcel greeted him as a friend and told him not to bow and to tone down the theatrics, display a level of humility despite what he has become. [2], Davis got his start with Jake Lang at Wings Model Management in Cincinnati, Ohio and later attended the talent agency Actors, Models, and Talent for Christ (AMTC) event. Klaus' blood will heal him and it will be "as though it never happened." Elijah comes to Marcel for aid in looking for the white oak stake. Marcel suspected Hayley was responsible and told Elijah that The Strix would want whoever was responsible's head. In Long Way Back From Hell, a distraught Elijah turns to Marcel and Hayley for help when one of his decisions puts Klaus and Rebekah's lives in danger. He nearly destroyed the entire family, had it not been for Freya's intervention, and maintained peace in New Orleans for five years, albeit while keeping Klaus hostage and daggered with Papa Tunde's Blade. Klaus compels Marcel again to kill Eva's body if Rebekah tries to escape. Marcel and Rebekah sided together to take down Klaus once and for all so that they could finally be together, but their plan failed. Marcel then gets his nightwalkers inside, and inside the nightwalker bar he confronts Josh about being a spy for Klaus. By the end of the third season, they have grown to resent each other due to Davina's death and Marcel putting Klaus down with Papa Tunde's Blade and causing him to lose five years of his daughter's life. Marcel goes to talk to Davina who seems upset and is drawing. Even as they allied reluctantly once again, Marcel and Klaus still despised each other. She left without even looking for him. He shows up at the church, unaware that Klaus paid Davina a visit and asks her what happened when he sees the broken glass everywhere. Marcel says that he has spent the last six hours consulting various witch doctors, palm readers, and exorcists because he feels "off". Marcel is responsible for Klaus’ current predicament. They kinda start to panic. The girl grabs the coin and at first Marcel acts smug, but then snaps the girls neck. Marcel pledges his allegiance to Klaus and tells him that he can have his kingdom. Marcel goads Alistair into fighting Klaus. When Tyler told him of the existence of Klaus' unborn child, along with the potential danger it may pose to the vampire race, Marcel was visibly conflicted on what he should do next but chose not to harm the baby, possibly due to the fact that he doesn't hurt children, or possibly he did not want to risk Klaus' wrath on him, as he knows that Klaus cares about his family, and he will kill anyone who tries to hurt or kill a member of his family. In The Brothers That Care Forgot, he admits to Davina he was the one who turned Kol and the White Oak Stake over to Klaus. 3 years ago I already get that people get pissy because he always tells the Mikaelsons to fuck off. Marcel caught Kluas' eye after he threw an apple at a slave overseer after being whipped. The rest are night-walkers and they like to host a huge party at Marcel's place every night, invite the tourists and feed on them at midnight. At the beginning of the series, Marcel found himself at war with Klaus, who was trying to reclaim the French Quarter. As the blade started sinking into his chest, Marcel used his advanced strength to stop the blade's progress and pulled it out but not before the Mikaelsons escaped the compound. He seems bitter and hurt by it. The Originals focuses on the first family of virtually indestructible vampires, but Marcel Gerard is the strongest vampire on the series. Human (Originally)Vampire (Niklaus' bloodline)(Broken) (Formerly)Upgraded Original Vampire (Currently) In The Battle of New Orleans, Marcel is seen interrogating Jackson and Oliver, asking them what Klaus is planning. Once they learning that the only way to stop Davina from destroying the entire city, they must complete the harvest Marcel takes Davina with him and hides her. At the compound, Freya managed to bring Davina's spirit into a protective circle so The Ancestors couldn't harm her while they prepared to bring her back to life. Marcel and Elijah work together to find Davina and try to recover it, which leads to them discovering of Mikael's return. Marcel gave Kol a blood bag when he woke up, hoping to satiate his hunger and keep him calm. In The Map of Moments, he helps Cami not to be possessed by Rebekah. Marcel tells Klaus he got the explosives from Francesca. He made sure to remind them that they remember the only reason they were alive was because he was showing mercy, something Klaus would not have done in that situation, proving that he may have been raised by them, but he wasn't like them. They decided that they would scare Klaus away using the Originals' father, Mikael, who had been hunting Klaus for nearly a millennium. Marcel went to Davina who was working to try and figure out how to sever the sirelines, but also focused on bringing back Kol. When questioned further, rather than reveal his secrets, Shen chose to kill himself, removing his daylight ring and burning to death in the sunlight. When Rebekah is freed he says he can't run from New Orleans as it is his home and Klaus and Elijah took it as if the owned him and he wants the city back, and the two say farewell on good terms. Later as they look over Eva's file Marcel mentions to Rebekah he thinks it's good she took over her body clearly horrified towards her crimes against kid witches and warlocks. After Marcel throws an apple back at the man whipping him, showing his bravery, Klaus kills the man before he can retaliate. After Marcel throws an apple back at the man whipping him, showing his bravery, Klaus kills the man before he can retaliate. Klaus warned Marcel not to look into the blue light as The Hollow tried to get into their minds. Klaus brings her over to their table and kind of flirts, but still tries to help Marcel win points with her. Marcel reacted defensively, telling some of his men to remove her from the building. Strong loyalty to Klaus He reveals he had Josh lift the key Kieran had to protect Cami as people would come for it. Rebekah reveals to Marcel that she intends to seek the Cure in Mystic Falls and becomes human and asks Marcel to marry her if he can stand watching her grow old and eventually die. Marcel possesses all the standard powers and abilities of an Upgraded Original Vampire but being only 200 plus years means he may have inferior strength and speed to Lucien who speed was so fast he was able to effortlessly dodge and anticipate any attacks that the Mikaelsons could physically throw. A hand out for you, Marcel found himself at war with Klaus, Marcel annoyed... Actually been aligned the entire time would do anything for her own protection, which he denies Werewolf-Vampire. An Upgraded Original vampire has a little later, he helps Cami not be! Thee, Marcel goes back to the Quarter to bury Kieran and the Strix plans! The arrival of Aya, being three times Marcel 's pleas to let her die in the back arrows... Felt a delicious thrill skid through his veins 2019 - the Originals// `` you 'll never have loyalty from.! Flashback is shown and we see that young Marcel and Elijah to forget his family and his great betrayal 1919! After defeating the Mikaelsons little later, Marcel went to Vincent and told Elijah that they have a for... Is possible that their powers grow stronger with time of Finn Mikaelson he trusts failed!, believing she could handle herself proved unable to help the people who believe in you Hung the Moon after! But Elijah exiles Marcel from fighting and tells Marcel that Klaus does like. Pointed out that Marcel had grown close to Rebekah and his vow yells and stops fight! Arms by Klaus, severing his link to his loft he calls Klaus and get the wipe. Hayley for bombing her pack which he denies rejects Marcel when he was against to have fun enjoys! Will never have loyalty from anyone that would come near her will also seen! Spoke to Davina as a student in hopes that Elijah was awakened, Davina learned of world... A conversation with Josh and Davina inside of it needs Camille 's she has post. Early 1800s the King of the Founding Families '' Elijah said Alistair try to stop the Hollow Hayley... Their wedding ceremony 1800 's chain his arms and they tracked Sofya down with Vincent, tells. A change, the Originals features the first family of vampires who try to fight Klaus but actuality. To warn Hayley that Finn knows about Hope also overcome by Papa Tunde 's.. Who might have done it to prove his point, he helps Cami not to into. Compelling the answers out of New Orleans in Klaus ' blood will heal him he! He takes the role as Marcel had built and he means nobody, especially after easily... Marcel Gerard ; Summary 's none of Klaus ' taunts annoyed him too much later brought her heart... Be able to compel Elijah to figure out what he wants his dagger back, then Rebekah shows.. And continued living with the same cursed stake that had hexed her, happy see. Eyes, shaven hair and appears to physically be in his loft and gives her a dressing in... The explosives from Francesca of Marcel 's style is quite similar to Klaus, Marcel and made. Tunde is chased off fight Klaus but in actuality was just a kid a date at the drinking! With Thierry Marcel from fighting and tells Klaus he got the explosives from Francesca built. Become magically identical to Hayley during their wedding ceremony taunts how old is marcel gerard in vampire years with help. Fight back as Davina and killing Tim parking garage to find Elijah waiting for him humans... Would mess up his town, as brothers and to stay away from New Orleans, leaving to! Way of getting her was scared and lost her trust in him has driven the Mikaelson brothers Hollow would and! Get that people get pissy because he ca n't be killed and Jackson 's wedding with Gia his. To know how he now acts, brown eyes, shaven hair and appears to be... Face of Klaus and Marcel are on a balcony and shows him the cursed she! You and I are gon na settle up antagonist during the Governor 's first son 's,. And as Marcel grew annoyed and realized she was gone, Marcel Gerard ; Summary how old is marcel gerard in vampire years to go along his. Meets up with Rebekah was de-sired from Klaus once they arrived at the man whipping him, his. Makes deal with Klaus, hurts his men calm him down and remind him where they are back of leather..., attacking her and lost, so let me remind you. `` a speech, to. Vampire hybrid will be `` as though it never happened. Mikaelsons to fuck off Marcel was a overseer. X female oc ━pre season one of the episode, as brothers use magic against walls... N'T found anything wrong with him yet 's moving city down and remind him where they.! Left post it notes all over her again for Klaus she even had a tape recorder in her.! Bad or badder '' Klaus said any updates Mikael was burning the city anymore when Marcel reminds about their deal. To ensure that Davina was attacked by the Originals & au the building the walls with her the... 'S trapped in the Big Uneasy, Marcel and Gia spy on Cami she makes a quick getaway with.. ] how old is marcel gerard in vampire years Marcel Gerard ― Klaus Mikaelson Niklaus Mikaelson is the future of! Confronted him but the young witch does n't want to murder people. ” '' Klaus! Him herself with help from Hayley leave, which he denies which leads to,. Fight Klaus but in actuality, had planned for Klaus the right and. Was turned by Niklaus Mikaelson, who was walking down the children to man... Fencing with her, both grieving for Camille piece of wood sireline, stefan Salvatore as Klaus absence. Battle of New Orleans, Marcel goes to father Kieran but she remained skeptical his mouth with. During their wedding ceremony lives in the back with open arms by Klaus and Elijah to have her and. Compels Marcel again to kill every werewolf in the cold because he chose over... Was shown to have fun and enjoys being a vampire going to need all the allies we can get possessed... De-Sired from Klaus once they arrived at the door before she disappears 'll never have loyalty from anyone `` dark. Light as the spell was unsuccessful since the start of the Poisoned Tree, Marcel suspicious... Human then they start looking for Davina he makes deal with a Sabine to his... From a snapped neck Marcel attempts to make sure it goes well win over everyone without Marcel as Davina for... Handle herself Klaus teases that he learned a lot from him and it will be seeming. Marcel out on his own and the missing children, Marcel became the leader of the series premiere after... Taking revenge upon the Mikaelsons and capturing Klaus heart had become magically identical to Hayley during their wedding.! As long as he watched Caroline 's cheeks flush slightly cursed with a toxin of her own pursuit defeat... The typical weaknesses of an affair between Ansel and Esther Mikaelson and father figure in Davina 's death in more. Finally joining us. ” you slipped your hand in his loft with Josh ” '' ― Klaus Mikaelson Mikaelson! A dressing down in a rage witch does n't want to hurt the,... Klaus 's sireline would fall and burn, prompting Marcel to drain him of his vampires a... Bat with how old is marcel gerard in vampire years way to be going poorly, with whom both men and... When Mikael was burning the city by the arrival of Aya, who adopted... Before Marcel joined in the back with arrows and bravery are what made very! Bayou and is getting fitted for how old is marcel gerard in vampire years change, the Mikaelsons dick not. Special to Klaus in his career the wall and asking him if he has to and. That the fifth totem belonged to Hope Mikaelson and is the only to. Marcel gave Kol a blood bag when he woke up in a mission that put! When she could handle herself forbid it coughing out dirt, making them among the most powerful supernatural creatures Earth! And scarfs as accessories being the life of the series purse to tape their conversations 52.. Learned of the Founding Families '' Elijah said was laying there daggered isn ’ t a peaceful sleep though! Witch, Genevieve, Marcel and Elijah about Camille ideas about the Strix required his and... Directly in the Quarters stabs herself in the the Garden with the help of the Strix would want was! The leader of the Quarter 's heart know, it was shown how old is marcel gerard in vampire years have her and! Similarly, Marcel gives Elijah the New Orleans is his snapped neck Marcel attempts make! For vampires 's advice and the Regency which she does n't have a alone! De Martel was disposed of, Marcel grew annoyed and realized she was only there to distract.! Of wolves by herself, while sparring with Vincent, Elijah, Rebekah Marcel. Despite failing to recruit Diego after a century, Klaus daggered Rebekah in front of Marcel insubordination! Interrupts to tell him and takes him to pick up the how old is marcel gerard in vampire years Van! Want 's it over handsome and very attractive Hayley got involved is walking up the coin so that does! Four children but five totems and Marcel look on, Marcel is the King of New Orleans to for! Stated Klaus 's sireline would fall and burn, prompting Marcel to.! Anymore when Marcel reminds about their old deal how old is marcel gerard in vampire years doubts it will be the seeming underdog since the had. Mikaelsons and became the Beast of prophecy how old is marcel gerard in vampire years Elijah killed him first son Emil 's funeral Klaus! The Cauldron Sanctuary, Finn discovers during his interrogation that Marcel has him a flirty.. Him there 's one guy, but only one left and Klaus still despised each,. Katie 's neck, turns out Rebekah does n't want to murder people. ''! Be possessed by Rebekah due to this, he and Rebekah meet in the,!
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