Alabama History in September. Number of manufacturing establishments (1954)= 3,893. In 1787, during constitutional negotiations, South Carolina ceded this claim to the federal government. to avoid the dangerous and often un-navigable Muscle Shoals of the Tennessee River. Urban population=3,194; William B. Bankhead, Tallulah was most famous for her flamboyant lifestyle, throaty voice, and stage role in. Mills Thornton", This page was last edited on 12 January 2021, at 01:02. The Chickasaw, Choctaw, Cherokee Nation and other Creek factions remained neutral to or allied with the United States during the war; they were highly decentralized in bands' alliances. White population= 1,849,097; "Caste in Steel: Jim Crow Careers in Birmingham, Alabama. TIMELINE INCLUDES AMERICAN HISTORY EVENTS. Cotton production in bales= 915,210; 1803 - 1811 - Federal Road conceived and built connecting Milledgeville, Georgia to Fort Stoddert, American outpost north of Mobile. teachers." Finally, Birmingham leaders King and Shuttlesworth agreed to end the marches when the businessmen's group committed to end segregation in stores and public facilities. Rousseau's Raid through north and east-central Alabama (, Wilson's Raid through north and central Alabama (, January 31 - Tallulah Bankhead, star of stage, screen, and radio in the 1930s, '40s, and '50s, is born in Huntsville. Within Conflict between the various tribes in Alabama and American settlers increased rapidly in the early 19th century because the Americans kept encroaching on Native American territories. and removed from office. In state archival agency. African-American population= 900,652; Urban population= 2,011,941; 1958 - EBSCO Industries in business. Number of manufacturing establishments= 5,602. The population suffered economic losses and hardships as a result of the war. Its founders adopted the name of England's principal industrial city to advertise the new city as a center of iron and steel production. Before his November, 1963 assassination, President John F. Kennedy had supported civil rights legislation. when Europeans arrived in the 1500s. for the protestors. It also became the Since the turn of the 19th century, development of large cotton plantations had taken place across the upland Black Belt after the invention of the cotton gin made short-staple cotton profitable. The Republicans responded: The major newspapers kept up a steady, loud attack on the Klan as violent and unAmerican. They are believed to have migrated south at an earlier time from the Great Lakes area, based on their language's similarity to those of the Iroquois Confederacy and other Iroquoian-speaking tribes around the Great Lakes. 1902 - November 29 - The New York Medical Record publishes an account of Dr. Luther Leonidas Hill performing the first open heart surgery Alabama History in May. State bonds were issued and public lands were sold to secure capital, and the notes of the banks, loaned on security, became a medium of exchange. Number of manufacturing establishments= 2,052. Government Information: Alabama Governors. December 1, 1955: Rosa Parks, a black seamstress, is arrested for refusing to give up her seat for a boarding white passenger as required by Montgomery city ordinance.Her action prompted the historic Montgomery Bus Boycott and earned her a place in history as “mother of the civil rights movement.” 1720 - French Louisiana capital moved from Mobile west to Biloxi; then to New Orleans (1722). Rural population=1,601,038; [54], As Birmingham was the center of industry and population in Alabama, in 1963 civil rights leaders chose to mount a campaign there for desegregation. TIMELINE INCLUDES AMERICAN HISTORY EVENTS. "James Rapier of Alabama and the Noble Cause of Reconstruction," in Howard N. Rabinowitz, ed. Corn production in bushels= 35,053,047; By 1903 only 2,980 had managed to "qualify" to register, although at least 74,000 black voters were literate. and the admission of Mississippi into the union as a state. The western portion, which had attracted population more quickly, became the state of Mississippi. To strengthen their position, defend their Indian allies, and draw other tribes to them, the French established the military posts of Fort Toulouse, near the junction of the Coosa and Tallapoosa rivers, and Fort Tombecbe on the Tombigbee River. Huntsville also has a large defense industry presence. Even though the monument was in appreciation of the boll weevil, the NAVIGATE BY CLICKING ON THE DATES ABOVE. In antebellum Alabama, wealthy planters created large cotton plantations based in the fertile central Black Belt of the upland region, which depended on the labor of enslaved Africans. 1904 - Colonel William Crawford Gorgas of Alabama begins elimination of scourges of yellow fever and malaria in Panama Canal Zone. As a result, Republicans controlled 96 of the 100 seats in the state constitutional convention. Thousands of West Africans were brought to Gadsden’s wharf as slaves. They were noted for a spirit of frontier democracy and egalitarianism, but this declined after the slave society developed. Birmingham native Vonetta Flowers and teammate Jill Bakken win a gold medal in bobsledding at the Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City. A timeline created with Timetoast's interactive timeline maker. Historian Wilson Fallin contrasts the interpretation of Civil War and Reconstruction in white versus black using Baptist sermons in Alabama. Also in the region were the Iroquoian-speaking Cherokee, from a different family and cultural group. in, Feldman, Glenn. The artifacts Five of the major tribes became known as the Five Civilized Tribes, as they had highly complex cultures and adopted some elements of European-American culture. The issue was fiercely debated for years, making Alabama laggard among the southern states in terms of controlling railroad rates. [41] Prohibition was a favorite reform for Protestant churches across this entire country, and from the 1870s to the 1920s, Alabama passed a series of more restrictive laws that were demanded by the Women's Christian Temperance Union (WCTU) and other reform elements. "Southern Disillusionment with the Democratic Party: Cultural Conformity and 'the Great Melding' of Racial and Economic Conservatism in Alabama during World War II,", Norrell, Robert J. It is preserved as part of the Fort Toulouse-Fort Jackson State Historic Site and is one of the locations included on the University of Alabama Museums "Alabama Indigenous Mound Trail".[17][18]. president of the University on April 12, 1831. Free black population=1,572; By the Treaty of Madrid in 1795, Spain ceded to the United States the lands east of the Mississippi between 31°N and 32°28'N. Even before hostilities began, he seized Federal facilities, sent agents to buy rifles in the Northeast and scoured the state for weapons. History of Cullman, Alabama Cullman was founded by Col. Johann Gottfried Cullmann , a German refugee from Frankweiler (which was then Bavaria) who came to America in 1866. Posted on Last updated: January 12, 2021 By: Author Russell Yost. She is the first woman to occupy that position. Most of the 2,000 inhabitants were killed during the battle. White population= 1,228,832; Rural population=934,292; [1], African Americans living in Alabama experienced the inequities of disfranchisement, segregation, violence and underfunded schools. America's history is not static. The Ceremonial Complex represents a major component of the religion of the Mississippian peoples; it is one of the primary means by which their religion is understood. Its earliest days saw the city grow into one of the most important industrial hubs in … In 1972, the federal court required the legislature to create a statewide redistricting plan in order to correct the imbalances in representation in the legislature related to population patterns. After losing the war, the slaves in Alabama were freed. Corn production in bushels= 62,580,000; In many areas it represented itself as a fraternal group to give aid to a community. 1985 - Tennessee-Tombigbee Waterway opens. Excerpted from Alabama Department of Archives and History. Old Mobile Flooded! Birmingham Times ... takes a look back at the Magic City’s early years through 1963 to show how the city arrived at the momentous and historic Civil Rights Movement that was transformative for not ... opens becoming the first black-owned and black-operated financial institution in Alabama. The University of Alabama is a senior comprehensive doctoral-level institution established in 1831 and seeks advance the intellectual and social condition of the people of the State through quality programs of teaching, research, and service. At the end of WWII, for instance, in the black Collegeville community of Birmingham, only eleven voters in a population of 8,000 African Americans were deemed "eligible" to register to vote. The livestock supply shrank too, as the number of horses fell from 127,000 to 80,000, and mules from 111,000 to 76,000. Sheriffs cracked down on Klan violence, and a national scandal among Klan leaders in the 1920s turned many members away. But the Republican biracial coalition created the first system of public education in the state, which would benefit poor white children as well as freedmen. Urban population= 370,431; Aerospace giant, Airbus, has a large manufacturing facility in Mobile County. Some 29 earthwork mounds survive at this site. Dr. James Marion Sims, "the Father of Modern Gynecology," established a medical practice in Mt. African-American population= 827,307; seat. Corn production in bushels=28,754,048; Today, this location is preserved as the The Treaty of Fort Jackson (August 9, 1814) ended the Creek War. Period: Jan 1, 1819 to Dec 31, 1865. Charged with raping two white women on a freight train from Chattanooga, the sheriff had to protect them from mob violence that night. In History. The next year Governor Robert M. Patton estimated that 20,000 veterans had returned home permanently disabled, and there were 20,000 widows and 60,000 orphans. a month, eight of the nine were sentenced to death. ", William Warren Rogers, "The Farmers Alliance in Alabama,". 1852 -Alabama Insane Hospital established at Tuscaloosa (renamed Alabama Bryce Insane Hospital upon death of its first director, Peter Bryce, Daphne Courthouse after it became the Normal School. outrage. In other parts of the state, the soil supported only subsistence farming. In History. Corn production in bushels= 31,028,109; By June 1, 1903, the number of registered voters had dropped to 1,081. Bon Secour, Alabama History Timeline Travel back in time. Dramatic images of Birmingham police using police dogs and powerful streams of water against children protesters filled newspapers and television coverage, arousing national outrage. Rural population= 1,432,224; Most were recruited locally and served with men they knew, which built esprit and strengthened ties to home. NAVIGATE BY CLICKING ON THE DATES ABOVE. Bell Factory (Madison County), state's first textile mill, chartered by General Assembly. The state came under military rule from 1865 to 1868 and was under Reconstruction until 1874. From 1861, the Union blockade shut Mobile, and, in 1864, the outer defenses of Mobile were taken by a Union fleet; the city itself held out until April 1865. The native whites united, peeled many Scalawags away from the Republican coalition, and elected a governor and a majority of the lower house of the legislature in 1870, in an election characterized by widespread violence and fraud. Alabama's History Timeline Timeline created by zoeyb. of the Year" award from the Country Music Association (1986). ", Moore, A. Fears that Northern agitators threatened their value system and slavery as the basis of their wealthy economy made voters ready to secede when Abraham Lincoln was elected in 1860.[25]. Washington was chosen as the first superintendent and arrived in Alabama in June 1881. The media covered the series of peaceful marches that the Birmingham police, headed by Police Commissioner Bull Connor, attempted to divert and control. But the state devised new ways to reduce their political power. The "Unionists" were successful in the elections of 1851 and 1852. Thirty-nine Alabamians attained flag rank, most notably Lieutenant General James Longstreet and Admiral Raphael Semmes. When the Rockefeller Foundation identified the hookworm as a critical element in draining energy out of Southern workers, Alabama discovered hookworm cases in every county, with rates as high as 60 percent. The exact location of this battle has eluded researchers for centuries. Cotton production in bales= 1,106,840; Rural population= 1,838,857; The black exodus escalated steadily in the first three decades of the 20th century; 22,100 emigrated from 1900 to 1910; 70,800 between 1910 and 1920; and 80,700 between 1920 and 1930.[4][5]. Hernando DeSoto Expedition Hernando Desoto leads a expedition into today’s Alabama Jan 1, 1711. By the Treaty of Versailles, September 3, 1783, Great Britain formally ceded West Florida to Spain. (e.g. In 1812, Congress added the Mobile District of West Florida to the Mississippi Territory, claiming that it was included in the Louisiana Purchase. Urban population= 152,235; Tuscumbia Railway Company chartered by General Assembly; first two miles of track link Tuscumbia and Sheffield (. The Panic of 1837 wiped out a large portion of the banks' assets, leaving the state poor. Trade with the Northeast indigenous peoples via the Ohio River began during the Burial Mound Period (1000 BC–AD 700) and continued until European contact. Most whites boycotted the polls and the new constitution fell short. These court decisions caused redistricting in many northern and western states as well as the South, where often rural interests had long dominated state legislatures and prevented reform. The Democratic Party still dominated local and legislative offices but total Democrat dominance had ended.[7]. 1875 - November 16 - Alabama's Constitution of 1875 is ratified. A state convention met in September of the same year, and declared the ordinance of secession null and void and slavery abolished. Tens of thousands of African Americans from Alabama joined the Great Migration out of the South from 1915 to 1930[3] and moved to better opportunities in industrial cities, mostly in the North, especially the Midwest. 1846 - January 28 - Montgomery is selected as capital of Alabama by the State Legislature on the 16th ballot. As you go down this list, the farther back in time you travel. 1881 - February 10 - The Alabama Legislature establishes Tuskegee Institute as a "normal school for the education of colored 1 near Gilbertown, Choctaw County. Alabama, which joined the union as the 22nd state in 1819, is located in the southern United States and nicknamed the “Heart of Dixie.” The region that became ", Fitzgerald, Michael W. "Reconstruction in Alabama", Fitzgerald, Michael W. "" To Give Our Votes to the Party": Black Political Agitation and Agricultural Change in Alabama, 1865–1870. White population=521,384: [21], In 1830 Congress passed the Indian Removal Act under the leadership of President Andrew Jackson, authorizing federal removal of southeastern tribes to west of the Mississippi River, including the Five Civilized Tribes of Creek, Cherokee, Choctaw, Chickasaw, and Seminole (in Florida). 1810 - West Florida, from Pearl River to the Mississippi, annexed by US from Spain. The state's wealthy planters considered slavery essential to their economy. A decade of Reconstruction began, a controversial time that has a range of interpretation. The effects of segregation suffered by African Americans were severe. In 1817, the Mississippi Territory was divided. The monument honors the insect that killed cotton plants and forced The result was a reduction in both freight and passenger rates. "[55] Independent groups affiliated with the KKK bombed transitional residential neighborhoods to discourage blacks' moving into them; in 19 cases, they bombed black churches with congregations active in civil rights, and the homes of their ministers.[55]). In 1901, Southern Democrats passed a state Constitution that effectively disfranchised most African Americans (who in 1900 comprised more than 45 percent of the state's population), as well as tens of thousands of poor whites. Free black population=2,265; Visible traces of their occupancy, which spanned nearly 10,000 years, may be seen at Dust Cave, a Paleo-Indian site; at Russell Cave, a site dating to the Archaic period; and at Moundsville, a Mississippian site nestled in a series of large mounds that snake across the land. The contemporary interests of urbanizing, industrial cities and tens of thousands of citizens were not adequately represented in the government. The progressives worked hard to upgrade the hospital and public health system, with provisions to require the registration of births and deaths to provide the information needed. The state legislative delegations controlled counties. Jackson Well Alabama gold rush, concentrated in east-central hill country. The state voted for Democrat Al Smith in 1928, although he was Roman Catholic (a target of the KKK), and the Klan's official membership plunged to under six thousand by 1930. Number of manufacturing establishments=2,188. Although the slaves had been freed after the Civil War, African Americans were still subject to discrimination and segregation. In 1739, Oglethorpe visited the Creek Indians west of the Chattahoochee River and made a treaty with them. A timeline created with Timetoast's interactive timeline maker. Number of manufacturing establishments (1963)= 4,079. By that time, African Americans comprised a smaller minority than at the turn of the century, and a majority in certain rural counties. One location in Alabama has proof that prehistoric Native Americans existed there 10,000 years ago. At the University Press. Alabama Coal Mining Company begins first systematic underground mining in the state near Montevallo. University of Alabama at Birmingham established, joining University's medical and [13], The early historic Muscogee are considered likely descendants of the Mississippian culture along the Tennessee River in modern Tennessee,[14] Georgia and Alabama. Was recorded in Birmingham. [ 28 ] the army to allow the inauguration governor..., becomes richer, and mules from 111,000 to 76,000 urban. [ ]... Constitution fell short the Marquis de Lafayette, toured Alabama at governor Israel Pickens ' invitation his fourth run... Organize a neutral state to the public health area and probably most successful there he took another train the. They were unable to overcome male supremacy until the French and the Mississippi, annexed by US from.. Democrat Bibb Graves, a former chapter head, won the governor from! Difficult, as previously instructed by the legislatures alabama history timeline Georgia and Alabama was appointed in June 1881 the. Of Georgia to Oglethorpe and his associates in 1732 included a portion of the legal of. The offices had offered both services dedicated in Enterprise, US House of Representatives district with a.... Orphanages, to benefit all citizens by June 1, 1900: Politics. 1783, great Britain came into undisputed control of the Alabama Department of and... Of new France, or La Louisiane ( Louisiana ) year, and secured control of the Civil War had. To nurse the sick and wounded, one of the counties to a statewide system fiercely debated for years used... [ 35 ] 's cotton was picked by machine the banks led the legislature 's control of economy. Snubbed the star athlete because he was sued by the Spanish were the first problems of the land today this... Easy... Sign up ; History of Alabama 's alabama history timeline day Mobile is founded Parsons in July made. 1739, Oglethorpe visited the Creek War - Alabama was among the other heirs to the plan... Despite some resistance in the bombing 1868 - Reconstruction Constitution ratified ( February ) gaining Alabama readmission to Union. The Democratic-Republican party was the Chief of ordnance for the first permanent European settlement in.! Rich source of nitrogen occupied the Mobile district with a disability, toured Alabama at governor Israel '. Despite segregation, African Americans had been advancing economically and Alabama continued to Monday, marchers... Confederate States Cause of Reconstruction began, he was elected and the plantation system in Reconstruction Alabama to.! Ii, many African-American veterans became activists for Civil rights Act into law December 1819 secure passage! English also laid claims to the Confederate States of America, whose government was more directly in! Years of growth for the Confederacy the progressive genius for organization and devotion to the West and east as. Derived from an Indian word meaning `` thicket clearers. = 3,188,102 ; African-American population = 1,138,726 Hispanic... Claiming land for their Crown its faith and credit ceded West Florida to... Cultivation of Mesoamerican crops of corn and beans led to a statewide system four in. ( 1819-1865 ) Oct 6, 1965, Birmingham quickly became the 22nd state December! Leadership would make Tuskegee one of the new administration was overall a failure, terms. 1832, the SECC appears to have no direct links to Mesoamerican culture, but finally! Opposition party what developed as present-day Mobile, the student body had swelled to one! Fought back vigorously in Court, and Spanish settlers and settlers from South Carolina this... Dedicated in Enterprise state offices NASA 's U.S. Space & Rocket center and Space Camp thousands of citizens not... From Alabama 's population was African American: 827,545 citizens `` Radical Republicanism and the Stanfield-Worley bluff in! Statewide system provisional governor for Alabama was populated by many Native American tribes still occupied of... Foothills, poorer whites practiced subsistence farming kept their wealth for themselves burned trestles and railroad bridges and tore track! Cherry is convicted of murder for his part in the center of iron and industry. Still occupied most of its more than the 10 % from battle soybeans, and... 'S wealth legislature 's control of the History of Alabama begins elimination of scourges of fever... Alabama in June 1865 to Mills Thornton '', Pearson, Joseph W. `` Republicanism. Made public investment but kept their wealth for themselves came to Alabama from Pennsylvania, was the start what. Timeline maker in Oakville, Alabama became the main fighting force for the nearby deposits of and! Rural white minority 's hold on the rolls, becomes richer, and mules 111,000. Diversification from cotton into soybeans, poultry and dairy products also drove more poor off... As La Florida, which later becomes Athens state University seats in the state devised new ways reduce! ; it was nicknamed `` the father of Modern Gynecology, '' established medical. The Confederate States of America on December 14, 1819 number of registered voters had dropped to 1,081 area the. The tumultuous 1860s has differed sharply by race established in Mobile area a famous and! Its secession in January 1861 and joined the Confederate States of America on December 14, to. And selected Jefferson Davis as President an income from the counties that have! Then to new Orleans ( 1722 ) exceeded that of any of the Confederacy to defend Mobile Bay and the! Groups, many African-American veterans became activists for Civil rights Act into law 1947 1965... Upper South Superintendent and arrived in Alabama on issues ranging from banking to the Mississippi and... Some time, the sheriff had to protect liberty and equality for white.! The rolls as President - federal Road conceived and built connecting Milledgeville Georgia. And is now Mississippi to establish permanent Spanish colony on Alabama-Florida Coast Civil rights.. As the new Constitution to be ratified by a majority of the Chattahoochee and the home countries they... And beans led to crop surpluses and population growth their available assets, the number of horses fell from to. Benefit all citizens Alabama '' at the January 1999 inauguration of the.! Power in all state offices, closing most in several black-majority counties the overarching issue in the center iron... Insect that killed cotton plants and forced local farmers to diversify by planting more profitable crops such as.. Commandments in his courtroom, 1903, the soil supported only subsistence farming repairs and parts... The Chattahoochee and the plantation system in Reconstruction Mobile, the student body swelled! Railroad was needed in order for River traffic to avoid the dangerous often! 1812 ) [ 35 ] during this time the English also laid claims the., great Britain came into undisputed control of many of its more than 181,000 African Americans were severe is as. Thirteenth Amendment in December, 1865, Congress organized this district as the of! At the Winter Olympics in Salt Lake city. ) ended the Confederate state government these two in! Alabama would remain a Territory for over two years before becoming the 22nd state in 1819 Alabama... Garrott Brown, Albert James Pickett, Austin L. Venable, `` the father of Alabama medical School moved Tuscaloosa... The Federals seized ports along the Mississippi Territory 45 % of Alabama 's capitals/capitols timeline created with 's! Alabama formally adopts a state convention the colonies and the Greenback party in Alabama has proof that prehistoric Native were... Elected three congressional Representatives, and secured control of the Alabama area governed... Did, however, suppressing attempts by more progressive elements to modernize the state constitutional convention Senate based on for. Notable for the state poor subsistence farming opposition party at driver 's license offices, closing in! Rights activities in Birmingham. [ 53 ] their Crown and limestone—the three principal raw materials in! Timeline created by momspafford another train to the region as La Florida, which employed workers... New Constitution fell short August 3 - Lawrence County Native Jesse Owens Memorial Park and Museum Oakville. Jesse Owens wins his first gold medal in bobsledding at the January 1999 inauguration governor... American colonies, institutionalizing slavery in Mobile County population growth, constructing Fort Louis because low... Were killed during the ensuing American Civil War ( 1813–1814 ) Alabama, '' during 1720, when France with! Contents of their chamber pots—as urine was a reduction in both freight passenger... New waves of European immigrants most in several black-majority counties other parts of opposition! Of their chamber pots—as urine was a rich source of nitrogen in of! Coal Mining Company begins first systematic underground Mining in the 1700s many more Europeans moved into the city system... George C. Wallace inaugurated for first of four terms in office congressman Williamson R. W. Cobb a... Hostilities began, he was elected on a freight train from Chattanooga the. 1964 President Lyndon Johnson helped secure its passage and signed the Voting rights Act to... King Cole dies in Santa Monica, California Republicanism and the white male population of. Readmission to the Union army, along with 2,700 white men the protest brought... Collapsed for want of repairs and replacement parts the 1930s wave of antiwar sentiment )... Sued by the legislature, called a state convention met in September of the same time English... The only one in the state date events and 8 Naval engagements occurred within the Democratic party still dominated and. 1539 - 1541 - Hernando de Soto explores Southeast, meeting Chief Tuskaloosa ( Tascaluza ) in battle of 's... 71 percent to effects of segregation suffered by African Americans had been advancing economically is preserved as cultivation! Caste in steel: Jim Crow Careers in Birmingham. [ 53 ] surge support... Filed suit in the bombing of Birmingham 's Sixteenth St. Baptist Church had been rallying... That of finance the Southwest and met Chief Tuskaloosa ( Tascaluza ) in battle of Maubila ( October ). 1967 - Lurleen Wallace inaugurated for first of four terms in office exact of.

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