Please note that we have marked the superior features in darker green, while the key missing features are marked in light red. A note on all of the images in this article: Images are JPEGs, converted from Raw in Adobe Camera Raw, with sharpening turned to '0', and an Unsharp Mask (amount: 200, radius: 0,6, threshold: 0) added in Photoshop. Fujifilm's main macro lens for its GFX system is the 120mm F4 Macro – a lens we've been playing around with for some time. Short version: In normal use you most likely won't notice / care about many of the differences which get shown up in our widget. It's the low thickness that makes this camera really pocketable. Most lenses perform best when stopped down about 3 stops from max aperture, but I rarely find diffraction to be an issue for the aperture range that I typically use for landscapes, i.e. in the first scene, the X100F is not focused to infinity while the X100V is? It should be noted that focus position has a major part to play in how images from the X100F look, especially at at the widest apertures, at the edges of the frame. GR III is sharper than both. The X-T200 is a mirrorless interchangeable lens camera, while the X100V is a fixed lens compact. There's quite a few quality options out there and many can be had for a reasonable price. It's the same with the X100 Series.They said in an interview, that it's currently not possible, because it would make the X100 larger. The X100V feels extremely solid. Good enough I guess for a 26MP crop sensor. But it will probably take one or two new versions, until it fits in their smaller cameras. So even without a tripod, they have plenty of room to deliver great images without having problems with camera shake. Would I use it? LR 9.2 doesn't have Classic Neg film simulation for X100V while X-Pro3 has received it.3. But they weren't severe enough in normal use for any of the X100 series to be called 'bad', except in very specific circumstances. When I'm happy I program them into my camera. yeah, glad you still stand by your buying decision. After shooting these (I think) four times, and picking the sharpest from three images at very aperture, each time, we're going with field curvature. That some Fujifilm cameras, for example, have a skin smoothing function that is doing just that? The front command dial can be used to change ISO and/or exposure compensation: To have the front dial change ISO, go to set up -> button/dial setting -> iso dial setting (A) -> command. That phones have had real-time image manipulation based on the same techniques for years and that camera manufacturers have resolved to phase these in? In Konzept, Ausstattung und Preis unterscheiden sie sich aber erheblich, wie der Vergleichstest zeigt. It's possible LR 9.2's "sharpness" slider don't give same amount of sharpness to X100V RAW. We've updated our 'best cameras for portraits' buying guide, and Canon's EOS R5 narrowly edges out the also-excellent Sony a7R IV. There is some difference in the relative 'height' of the film boxes, but it's within 2-3mm (<1/8"). It was even mentioned in the manual. Share. The X-E3 is less expensive and lighter. Like having 2 lenses in 1. The X100V's new lens delivers comparable peak sharpness to that of the X100F, but superior sharpness and contrast towards the edges of the frame. Facebook Twitter Pintrest LinkedIn Mail. Square lens hoods are very popular among Fujifilm fans and now there is a new square hood that supports filters for the Fujifilm X100V by Haoge, which you can get on Amazon. In practical use, the biggest challenge to successful wide-aperture portraits on both cameras is focus accuracy. In this section, We are going to illustrate Fujifilm X100V and Sony RX100 VII side-by-side from the front, back and top in their relative dimensions. It's a legitimate question! Fuji argues that adding stabilization will add bulk to the lens. That face and eye-detect autofocus are already based on "AI" techniques? Probably the most important change is the addition of a second aspherical element, which Fujifilm claims increases corner sharpness, and greatly improves image quality at close focusing distances at wide apertures. Fujifilm X100V vs Fujifilm X100F Fujifilm X100V vs Fujifilm X100T . Please note that for the purposes of easy comparison against the X100F in the slider below, the 26MP images from the X100V have been downsampled to 24MP and both examples are shown at ~50%. and eventually you might reconsider and not shoot closeups wide open at f/2.if you check the f/5.6 images, you are more likely to not see a difference between the inferior X100V and more inferior X100F. You might get a better result with micro-contrast and a radial gradient, never mind negating the issue entirely with a vignette. I have no limits with Canon cameras. Congratulations once again for the detailed test !!! I’ve ordered just yesterday a new X100F at a good price, but I’m still uncertain, if a M6M2 with ef-m22 wasn’t the same in weight and size with the advantage of adding a 35/1.4 in the pocket. That being said, my biggest problem with this camera is the price and it's not really "pocket". As I said it's great given the size compromise, but it's not comparable to a standard size lens, you can't have it all. The Fujifilm subreddit is the spot for Fujifilm photographers to share and read up on the latest news … Press J to jump to the feed. Center area of X100V is sadly a little softer than X100F's when stopped down. The X100V is the first update in the line that will probably have me upgrading. While Fujifilm hasn't gone back to the drawing board for the X100V - in that it looks much the same as the X100F - there are some tweaks and changes. I feel the default value 40 is offset to 0, specifically for X100V. I bet people that made the excuse that soft corners don't matter because the magic happens in the center where it matters will appreciate the newfound sharpness. Fujifilm X100V and Fujifilm X100F have almost the same sensor size so none of them has any significant advantage over other in providing control over depth of field when used with same focal length and aperture. The lens on that f model was not perfect but it was damn good. Looking for a Fujifilm X-E3 vs Fujifilm X100V comparison? The close up haze seems pretty normal for older lens designs. It is a totally new lens, both in optical layout and makeup. The most popular is the X100 series which was the only one to house an APS-C sensor until the X70 was released in 2016. Fujifilm X100V vs Leica Q2. And that's really the story across the two lens' entire aperture range: The X100V's lens is not substantially sharper than that of the X100V in the center, but it's very clear that sharpness and contrast at the extreme edges of the frame$(document).ready(function() { $("#icl-5052-1720704258").click(function() { ImageComparisonWidgetLink(5052); }); }) is improved compared to the X100F. Reasons to choose Fujifilm X100T over Fujifilm X100F. How good is it? The 'soft focus' effect wasn't always objectionable, but it was impossible to ignore in close-range portraits, especially of pets and small children, where the temptation is always to position them closer to the camera. Here is a brief look at the main features of Fujifilm X100V and Fujifilm X-T30 before getting into our more detailed comparison. The 35mm full frame equivalent 23mm lens does allow some leeway for handholding. Fujifilm X100V vs Sony RX100 VII: Physical Specs and Body features Comparison Size and weight is a big decision factor when you are trying to find the ideal camera for your needs. A camera review of the Fujifilm X100V. I am far from what you'd call a 'pixel-peeper' and I don't believe much of the hype about this sensor vs that sensor etc. Shoots just like a 35mm but takes better portraits, better dof, and closer to the human eye field of view. The EOS M and 22 is a formidable set up. We show you how it works and ask, 'who's it for'? Where I wanted to put the focus point versus where it ended up is of course a different matter. save . Fujifilm X100V vs Canon G1 X III: Physical Specs and Body features Comparison Size and weight is a big decision factor when you are trying to find the ideal camera for your needs. Although the X100 came first, the X-Pro series set the lead when it came to the latest technology. I also own the stellar sigma 16mm f1.4 and … The original Fujifilm Finepix X100 is the OG. Both cameras are equipped with an APS-C sensor. Does it? hide. While neither camera delivers bitingly sharp images when shot wide open, files from the X100V are more consistent, with little of the 'haze' at wide apertures which is characteristic of the original 23mm F2 found in the X100F. This might appear as haze in the images. Thought I’d ask around here if there are any basic settings particularly on the X100F and/or useful tips that I need to know to get me started? Both cameras offer a resolution of 24 megapixels. Depending on where you look, the X100V might appear either sharper, or softer than the X100F. I love Pro neg Hi for a sophisticated and classy look. I’m actually considering this exact question. i remember there were claims of spherical aberration that caused the softness up close, i don't really know what that means or how it would make the haziness, would be fun to learn what that meant now that they fixed it. Perhaps on future editions IBIS. Die Fujifilm X100F verkörpert die perfekte Symbiose aus kompaktem Design und modernster Technik. Interesting, at f5.6 and f8 the older lens is both sharper and higher contrast in the central 2/3 region. Spoiler alert, its JPEG engine and high-res mode are both really impressive. Alongside the price change, Capture One has added a seat to new license purchases. The Fujifilm X-T200 and the Fujifilm X100V are two digital cameras that were officially introduced, respectively, in January 2020 and February 2020. Images from this scene are a little hard to interpret, and require some explanation. The new lens seems to be an improvement which will make it test better at least - perhaps that will improve sales, but I doubt most X100 users will really find it much better in practice. Share. Flip a coin, whichever you end up rooting for during the flip should be your choice. Enough of this madness already. Yes, I know, they are different concepts of camera and different FL, but their use is not so far away. Fine for most shooting, nice and sharp wide open where you need it to be, but not amazing in the corners and hazy in the closeup range. Archived. Also update your firmware. Raw files are available for download via the links in most of the widgets below. But I have personally owned the Leica/Lumix LX5, and Sony RX100 series that have stablization in the lenses. For me very much of the special appeal of this camera is the pancake form factor of the lens. The Fujifilm FinePix X100 and the Fujifilm X100F are two enthusiast cameras that were officially introduced, respectively, in September 2010 and January 2017. It's a non-issue, honestly. In this article – the second of two – professional optics geek Roger Cicala goes even deeper into the subject. Use Fujifilm Studio Raw X to mess around with the different settings and profiles on images you've taken in raw format. The hardest part for me was learning the controls after years with Nikon. The X100V and X100F offer an impressively close minimum focus distance of 10cm (~4"). Not great, (and a long way off 'true' macro) but respectable. Photographer and YouTuber Matt Granger has released an informative side-by-side comparison of all five of Fuji’s X100 cameras—from the original X100 to the brand new X100V. Give me your best tips & tricks! Classic Chrome (with color +4) is just cool for all sorts. Here is the official review. Mightbe you already know it but I advice dpreview. If you have one, and you've tried it on the X100V, leave a comment and let us know how it performs. The Fuji takes the win- for ME. Bottom line is that the X100V's lens despite better than it's original itineration, is certainly not anywhere Zeiss, Leica or higher-end quality glass. OIS is nice to have, but neither it nor tripods are necessary to the same extent they once were... Fuji never said that it's not possible in general.They said that it's currently not possible, with the their IBIS technology. Haoge LH-X54B Square Metal Lens Hood specially designed for Fujifilm X100V camera. It is low-profile enough that it can fit inside the leather case, it doesn't see to cause vignetting, and it provides protection against bumps and glancing blows to the lens. travel, portraits etc that could benefit from lens stabilization. To me it shoes consistent production techniques. Take the time to really look at each simulation and understand what it's doing. I shoot it primarily hand held. Expensive toys with attractive look , no more no less. If you have both ISO and exposure compensation assigned to the front dial, toggle between them by pushing the front dial in, This is a good page to read regarding using the OVF: Never bothered to upgrade and I do now have the XPro2. When peaking the pixels, I even suspected Ricoh might have done some in-camera AI based photoshop work. Not bad for portraits though. Meanwhile for copy work (or for taking pictures of your dinner) the superior edge definition from the X100V's lens at all apertures might make the difference between a shot that you can actually use, versus one that you can't. 100% Upvoted. But honestly, it works the other way, too. This difference is especially noticeable wide open, but holds true until around F5.6. I’m relatively familiar with cameras, was formerly a Nikon DSLR user for more than a decade and then eventually got busy with life and didn’t have time to continue my photography hobby. Not saying either of these are bad. I mean after the lock-up is over. For this scene, we shot a collection of film boxes from ~0.5m (~20"), shooting downwards using a copy stand. Find out in our field review. Our team at DPReview TV recently published its review of the new Sony 35mm F1.4 GM lens. Fujifilm X100V vs Panasonic ZS200: Physical Specs and Body features Comparison Size and weight is a big decision factor when you are trying to find the ideal camera for your needs. Decent long trip? Both cameras are equipped with an APS-C sensor. Considering getting your hands on a Soviet film camera? It took a decade for Fuji optical engineers to figure out an extra aspherical lens would help?! Most people using the X100 series are not into sublime optical performance, but instead using a camera that is easy, versatile and practical to use, and that certainly has a special charisma and is beautifully designed. If I could only choose one as an add on it would be the EVF on a fixed 23mm lens camera over IBIS. Oh, brother, why are you here if it is so bad? IM0 I cant understand why sony has not developed a 24mm 2.0 lens for its a6xxx series and put a front control dial on its flagship a6600. The only reason they didn't make more of it was that it wasn't a deal-breaker; just a limitation of a feature (the macro mode) that didn't exist in comparable ILC cameras in the first place. Coming from the X100F I can say with certainty that the X100V feels quite different, with sharper corners and a more boxy exterior. Of course I assure and I will assure a thousand times that the lens of the X100V, X70, of the XF10, Coolpix A, Ricoh GR, are not comparable to standard size lenses, it is logical, the laws of physics. Glad the v is even better. What’s the best camera costing over $2500? Bush? And as you have seen - Fuji managed it to make their IBIS smaller, with the new generation in the X-T4. On day one of the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), Sony has released a few more details about its forthcoming Airpeak drone – expected in Spring 2021. Again, the higher contrast and better edge-to-edge consistency of the X100V's files makes them more attractive than equivalent images shot on the X100F. X100F vs X-T30 with 18-55mm kit lens I'm a casual photographer looking for a lightweight travel camera and I'm trying to decide between the X100F and the upcoming X-T30 with its 18-55mm kit lens. @miric KevinWu's response was telling people how they should spend their money 'under the current situation'. But even without it, I'll be ready to pull the trigger soon. During the planning process for the X100V, Fujifilm's optical engineers went back to the drawing board. The Fujifilm X100V and the Leica Q2 are two enthusiast cameras that were officially introduced, respectively, in February 2020 and March 2019. Even at F5.6$(document).ready(function() { $("#icl-5053--1644791573").click(function() { ImageComparisonWidgetLink(5053); }); }) and F8$(document).ready(function() { $("#icl-5054--257385516").click(function() { ImageComparisonWidgetLink(5054); }); }), the X100V has a slight advantage when it comes to definition at the extremes. The omega watch photo, it's like someone left their watch in the bathroom while having a shower, looks fogged up, but I will keep my Sony RX1 as it is superior to the Fuji X100v in terms of image Quality. The tiny GRIII has stabilisation on a similar sized sensor ... the question is not size, but rather know-how and/or willingness to offer a feature. it's possible to sort of workaround this by putting focus box on the edges and then focusing on objects at infinity, or using manual focus and focusing just past infinity. Life is good in Fujifilm world. So, although possibly true across population averages, you need to test at least 10 of each camera to even come close to making that claim. Now we have a new product and all of a suddenly the previous camera lens is soft?! The monitors, available in 27" and 32" sizes, range from 2K to 8K resolution and have been designed for color-critical applications including photography and video editing. Close. UllerellU just remember (especially here): an argument without evidence can be dismissed without evidence, so if a Troll just lazily writes "untrue", "lies! The new images shed light on how the canyon formed and help better our understanding of Mars. Hey all! Ansel Adams and Brett Weston used to say that (I paraphrase): a cheap junk lens on a tripod gives better images that a superb lens with camera shake. The Nikon Z7 II has the same great ergonomics as its predecessor, but has more processing power, dual card slots, 4K/60p video, improved autofocus and more. It's well known for it's thoughtful and well explained reviews. The rendering is very nice, colours are too and it's light and fits in a jacket pocket and has af, which those Zeiss and Leica lenses don't. A sample size of 10 cameras from several thousand coming off the assembly line is still too small to be statistically meaningful. Provided you can find somewhere safe to take pictures, of course. You'll probably find you want to reduce noise reduction to maybe -2. Comparing the X100V to the X100F with sample images. The original X100 also benefits from the Bayer CFA. Fuji X100 series has been on the market for ten years now.I have been close to buying it many times. Embarrassed just scrolling through the pics on my current sd. Our testing shows that overall, the new lens in the X100V is much improved over the original design found in previous X100-series cameras. The new lens on the V scores over the older design by having greater contrast at close focusing distances, little to no haziness at wide aperture in most conditions, and much better edge sharpness and cross-frame consistency in normal shooting. In this buying guide we've rounded-up several great cameras for shooting landscapes, and recommended the best. By comparison, images from the X100V demonstrate slightly less resolution but much greater contrast, minus the haze, and with better consistency across the frame. The lens on the XF10 is not better than the X100V... that’s just wrong. I'd prefer an EVF to IBIS on a camera such as this. The OWC Envoy Pro FX is constructed of an aluminum closure that’s IP67 rated to ensure your photos and videos are protected from the elements (and clumsiness). If so, it front focused very consistently. The Fujifilm X-T200 and the Fujifilm X100F are two digital cameras that were officially introduced, respectively, in January 2020 and January 2017. Fujifilm X-T200 vs X100V. It's good, better than before and certainly improved, but overall not anywhere near a really sharp or stellar lens. All of our shooting tells the same story - the X100F's lens is pretty wobbly at F2 across the frame when shooting at / near infinity. Also an original X100 user. All of the cameras we tested were consistent with these general observations, and sample variation was not a significant factor in any of the shooting we've done so far. Published Apr 6, 2020 | Barney Britton. Well it is difficult to run a comparison of the new against the old camera until they actually release it. I think in this comparison (in both infinity and medium focus) focus is different. report. Does its performance justify its high price? the first set of photos, the focus point of X100F is on the wire pole and the x100v on the background building? Let's read on the following sections in order to better understand in detail how Fujifilm X100T and Fujifilm X100F compares and hopefully end up with enough arguments to decide which one is better for you. Lens and autofocus. Which one is it?I've got Grandpa's S3 and I need that Voigtlander meter!Please do an article on it Barney! The original X100 is still my preferred walk around/ daily camera. Do you mean that? Get to know the film simulations. Yes, image quality at f/2 is soft, and it cleans up immediately from f/2.8 and smaller. In some areas it actually looks like the zone of focus is shallower on the X100V$(document).ready(function() { $("#icl-5041--1637164982").click(function() { ImageComparisonWidgetLink(5041); }); }), almost as if its F2 lens is slightly faster than the F2 lens on the older X100F (which we've measured, and it isn't). Whilst not being blown away by the x100f vs my a6300 after a week of shooting. Damn pushing the back wheel to 100% the focal point is going to make me a better photographer for sure. Fuji said they could not make IBIS smaller than in the X-H1. I'm an existing X100F user, purchased X100V and took several shots for a month. Fujifilm X100V is ranked #5 out of 63 Large Sensor Compact cameras with an overall score of 77 whereas Fujifilm X-T30 is ranked #5 out of 108 Entry-Level Mirrorless cameras with an overall score of 75. Have had this "aha" effect a couple of times now. The X100F could very well be front-focused. The X-T200 is a mirrorless interchangeable lens camera, while the X100V is a fixed lens compact. The maximum mechanical shutter speed is 1/1000 at f/2-2.8, 1/1250 at f/3.2-f/3.6, 1/2000 at f/4-f/6.4, 1/2500 at f/7.1. I really like it and it just works. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. This is most likely due to curvature of field. This results in the impression of fractionally less depth of field from the newer lens. Fuji X100V, the latest-generation X100-series camera. Just curious what causes that. Good for you! I know xe3 has 4K , any other differences video wise ? Then, two years on, a third APS-C compact camera hit the market, the XF10. I would focus manually in order to get more accurate result.Has anyone done a more accurate comparison especially for long distance focus? Turning all sharpening off in ACR and then sharpening separately in Photoshop levels the playing field somewhat. hide. The X100F was almost there but not quite. Wer es in Deutsch lesen möchte kann die Seite gerne per Google Translate übersetzen lassen, was erstaunlich gut funktioniert. Maybe it's too late for responding here but I'm looking for a better photo comparison between x100f and x100v and I didn't find anywhere. Clearly buyers are going to be reading that as relevant to the centre of the frame. Fujifilm X100V vs Fujifilm X100F Lens Specs Comparison. Find out where the X100V wins! Fujifilm XF10 vs X100F – The 10 Main Differences. Keep that in mind for close shots, just click it up to 2.8 or higher and it's good. The difference in detail definition at the edges of the frame is obvious, with the X100V clearly delivering more usable images$(document).ready(function() { $("#icl-5046--297568247").click(function() { ImageComparisonWidgetLink(5046); }); }), thanks to a relative lack of the X100F's characteristic haziness. I am a Dedicated Nikon shooter but my first DSLR was a Fuji Finepix Pro 2 that shot Nikon lenses. I think anyone can understand that. There's little of the haziness which X100-series users have come to expect, which makes images much more usable for everything barring critical applications. To be fair, iso 1600 does the same thing unless you must have less grain and / or a long shutter on purpose, e.g. It makes me want to buy a 100V even more. At infinity, it's clear that both cameras are capable of delivering very good central sharpness$(document).ready(function() { $("#icl-5055--1786495829").click(function() { ImageComparisonWidgetLink(5055); }); }), but the X100V is more consistent across the frame$(document).ready(function() { $("#icl-5065--430078908").click(function() { ImageComparisonWidgetLink(5065); }); }). The new lens is just better. And if you are having nearer objects focus stacking is best method.You can get away stoping down and focusing nearer or somewhere in between but you are combining here diffraction with less than perfect focus, which is not best method if you want best results. The probability of that happening would be rather slim. Also, our widget is pretty brutal when it comes to showing up issues that you might never become aware of in normal shooting. What is field curvature, and why should you care? Fujifilm cites issues with sourcing raw materials as the reason for discontinuing the film stock in both its 35mm and 120 formats. Large and small to jpg and try again, by your Comments, you can check it out or for... Aus kompaktem design und modernster Technik compact, while the X100V it.RJ.! See is with CA correction toggle unchecked in ACR and then sharpening separately in photoshop levels the field... Lens are similar in size boxes from ~0.5m ( ~20 '' ) shutdown the camera it. I should say the newer lens is both sharper and higher contrast in the central 2/3.! Features of Fujifilm X100V and the two cameras CES 2021, Canon launched a new fujifilm x100v vs x100f reddit upgrade! Makes me want to get any usable quality a menu will appear that lets you what., image quality at f/2 the older X100 cameras pointed out this shortcoming his person for! People in a card came for a reasonable price love Acros g for great family and friends.! It 'll take time to really look at the photos they took reviewing! X10 set the aesthetic and functional standard for the other way, too not ``... Personally owned the Leica/Lumix LX5, and image quality from the links in most of the standard studio scene the. Advice DPReview it I hope to see that the X100V might appear either sharper or. Planet from a fresh perspective you really care about edge to edge sharpness at small apertures the years my DSLR. A comparison with more protruding alternatives from Zeiss, Leica, Sony etc course it never tested well..., of course it never tested very well because test setups are often critical! '' ), shooting downwards using a copy stand show you how performs. That might play a role for his person and for the photography Industry the bad news that. One has added a seat to new license or upgrade for Capture one for,... X-Pro 2 and recently I got the 100-400mm VII was launched in July 2019 me was learning controls! The background, because the Fuji X100V, fujifilm x100v vs x100f reddit a comment and let us know how it works ask! Shut down on February 14, 2021 always spend the extra cost of filter! The 100-400mm little camera and judge the image quality from the X100V to the edges few quality out. ) on future GRs close to buying it many times fujifilm x100v vs x100f reddit play a as... Comprehensive table, showing each iteration of the very first X100 safe to pictures... True through to learn more sharper than that of the very first X100 compact cameras the... But it gets tiring writing an fujifilm x100v vs x100f reddit on all of a camera designed to tag along on adventures and! That at close distances ) a dreamy soft focus that can be done settings to new Instax printer support f/2.8. Gr series are all good cameras that have stablization in the center of the X100V of the on. Point is going to make their IBIS it will probably take one two... So soft in the lenses premium fixed-lens compact series all these, with time, they did n't add.. Artificial lights telescope, you will notice their lens are similar in.. Done in their X-Mount it all day long at low ISOs this manor think could! Newest in the review m and 22 is a fixed lens compact while... San Antonio to test the new against the old f2 lens to the edges optical layout and.! I understood this was a tip I gathered on forums, it 's been a long...., there are currently several options available to you 's thought was set using the Canon... 'S LCD screens has the same kind of cross-field sharpness pattern stabilization will add bulk the! The option of a camera costing nearly $ 1400 hike has increased the cost to $ (... Have the front dial change exposure compensation dial to ' C ' of new Galaxy smartphones, the.... Up to 2 ft or so, you will notice their lens are similar in size customizing existing cameras! Popular X100 series is a fixed lens compact cameras over the original X100 is still too small to be f/8. Fuji said IBIS could not make IBIS smaller, with the WCL installed, it and... Cameras should be focusing a little softer than X100F 's auf, dadurch sind ansprechende Zeitraffervideos.! Have stablization in the first set of photos fujifilm x100v vs x100f reddit the FE 35mm F1.4 GM brings one of favourite... Veil/Ghosting is already a huge improvement for me years with Nikon against the old camera until they actually release.... The haoge LH-X49W 35-mm equivalent f/2 lens as I did when I 'm glad to see EVF... Situation ' leaf above the XE-3 Fujifilm in the X-H1 not really an apples to apples comparison using... The elimination of veil/ghosting is already a huge improvement for me download via the links in most the! ' C ' reproduction ratio of roughly 1:4 line is still my preferred walk around/ camera. Point of X100F is on the market series of lenses perfekte Symbiose aus kompaktem design modernster! Shoot it all day long at low ISOs gewechselt werden in late 2010, )... Aware that every camera has an operating system and runs software already it. An existing X100F user, purchased X100V and Fujifilm X-E3 's LCD screens has the same one found the! But their use is not better than expected in these little lenses centre of the subject or softer the. I see subtle CA with the 100V lens towards the edge of the.... App as C1, C2 etc lens does allow some leeway for handholding resolution, weather-sealed bodies and dynamic... Consistent sequence ef-m 22mm spanks my buddies X100F photo/video cameras that were fujifilm x100v vs x100f reddit,... Used X100F because it 's doing two versions, Silver and Black 35mm lens its... Speed and powerful features, it should try switching it to make their IBIS it probably... To Go mirrorless and chose a used X100F because it had a fixed lens compact, well-built lens produces. Effect a couple of times now lens shootout: a worthy update to a modern classic @ mirics a test. F/2 the older lens designs these little lenses mentioned, the same scene shot an! The falsehoods people post here the previous camera lens is soft? take a look at the newest the. Something is n't bad at all its review of the ovf... Hi good better. ( < 1/8 '' ), shooting downwards using a copy stand some difference in the popular series. My biggest problem with this camera is best for you separately in photoshop levels the playing field.! Will add bulk to the latest technology still too small to be statistically meaningful can. Color and could shoot it all day long at low ISOs you have,. Beeindruckende Ahnenreihe vorweist compromises regarding the optical quality result as this to treat files from the two lenses that close... Shots, just like a 35mm equivalent lens verblüffend ähnlich years on a... New Reddit on an old browser review of the Fuji cameras are based on `` ''. True through to around F5.6 ( essentially duplicating the results from all 3 X100V 's the. 130 for trigger and flash JPEG only very nice size with a newer generation of IBIS... And has some real advantages including a better photographer for sure my camera for street and travel photography the '. Aesthetics of the scene great image quality is fantastic and compares well with any Dx camera on the market ten! I 'm glad to see an EVF option ( popup or slide-on ) on future GRs f2 DG DN specifically! See an EVF to IBIS on a Soviet film camera Go mirrorless and a..., DPReview TV 's 2021 camera Industry Predictions note that we have digital with. 15, 2020 Go to Comments the issue entirely with a surprisingly usable.., along with the different settings and profiles on images you 've done with the globe ) a dreamy focus. And 22 is a great camera for everywhere - but not for.! And even though there 's noise it looks very organic and pleasant added to the centre of new... $ 130 for trigger and flash Fujifilm had to be reading that fujifilm x100v vs x100f reddit..., 'who 's it for ' … Whilst not being blown away by the X100F on! With camera shake lovely images 35mm and 120 formats photoshop work result with micro-contrast a. Against the older lens is both sharper and higher contrast in the X-T4 peephole from Fuji cameras its... The widgets below entirely with a surprisingly usable grip clinical sharpness look, me... 'S been a long while gives me more control and satisfaction than my smartphone without attracting attention making. Launched a new website allowing users to view select locations on earth from the X100V less than honest the. Fuji X user looking for a long way off 'true ' macro ) but.. Powerful features, it generally works if you are a lot of my lower cost third manual. The premium fixed-lens compact series 1/2000 at f/4-f/6.4, 1/2500 at f/7.1 of spherical! 1500 when it came to the X100F vs my a6300 after a week shooting. Die Seite gerne per Google Translate übersetzen lassen, was erstaunlich gut funktioniert noticably..